How to reduce mainboard temp:

  23790954 13:27 02 Aug 2007

As a silver surfer, I have been monitoring the temperature of my Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI motherboard. The reason for this is that whenever I check my system with SIS Sandra software, it states that my motherboard temperature is 69'C or 156' F which is too hot and I should switch system off and find a way to cool the motherboard down. Since the first time I used SIS Sandra, about a month ago, I have actually installed an extra 2 x 60mm case fans and 1 x 80mm case fan, which are clear of obstruction, and are fitted correctly, the PC being in a clear space for air to circulate.
Although the system (Desktop) appears to function correctly, can anyone put a reason for this motherboard overheating, or how to cool it down. I have looked for another free or trial version of a software to check this problem with, but cannot find another software which actually shows the mainboard temperature. I have 1.5mb DDR 3200 memory in stalled, and the system runs on a AMD 64 3800+ processor.
Many thanks to all who offer me advice.
Silver Surfer.

  Stuartli 13:33 02 Aug 2007

I use Motherboard Monitor which displays both CPU and motherboard temperatures in the Notification area:

click here

  Stuartli 13:37 02 Aug 2007

Everest Home Edition also details CPU and motherboard temperatures from Computer>Sensor amongst its features:

click here

if it is too high i found putting 2 spacers between the mobo and the case lowered mine by nearly 10 degrees, a lot of the motherboard heat comes from restricted airflow at the rear of the board.

  johndrew 13:44 02 Aug 2007

I agree the temperatures you give are very high. It could be the sensor is up the creek but it could also be the software. I use Everest Home Free click here which gives similar figures to other similar software I have used. Could be worth a try.

You could also try either an electronic thermometer (some multimeters eg click here have the facility) and put the sensor in the case where it wouldn`t short out anything. A bit of sticky tape on the top of a hard drive is good as it should give you a direct comparison to you software readings.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:45 02 Aug 2007

Case fans sholud suck in at the front and blow out at the back.

Motherboard temps are often refering to the CPU temperature.

Cleaning the heat sink and CPU fan baldes might help, also cleaning off and refitting thermal paste may also help.

Butfirst check with other monitors as Sisandra may be giving false readings.

Clean your PC
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click here

How to apply thermal paste
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  johndrew 13:47 02 Aug 2007

`.. i found putting 2 spacers between the mobo and the case ..`

Did that give you any problems in alignment of sockets/cards with their positions in the case?

  23790954 17:37 02 Aug 2007

Thanks to all of you who took the time to help me. I have installed Everest Home Edition as recommended by a few of you. The readings now show case to be at 25'C and the CPU to be at
-28'C,(I don't know why that is) so I think the SIS Sandra software must have been at fault.
Thanks again.

  23790954 17:57 02 Aug 2007

Having switched my system off for several minutes, and restarted it the temperature of the motherboard is back at 69'C before changing to -26 in RED. Obviously something is amiss but what. The CPU temperature in th bios is o.k. at just under 30', but I would like this case temp sorted out. Adman 2 can you fill me in more on putting these spacers in position. Thanks.

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