How to record Vinyl on to CDR?

  Rogmur 18:34 24 Mar 2004

Greeting PC Advisor Forum Memvers

I have been pulling my hair out trying to record my old Vinyl LP's on to CDR's.
I am using an Audigy 2ZS sound card and with the front break out panel, connected to a mini-turntable, using supplied RCA cables.
What am I doing wrong?

I am off now to glue my hair back on.

Kind Regards


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:44 24 Mar 2004

click here you have to connect from the amplifier not the turntable. Connecting from the turntable will not give the 1 volt required.


  daba 22:44 24 Mar 2004

From Gandalf's link:-

REMEMBER that you can't directly plug in your turntable into your 'Line-in' as the turntable source signal requires the necessary RIAA equalisation prior to being used. If you do it, all that you will get is a 100mv signal ( not nominally 1 Volt as required ) & loads of treble & no bass.
What you require is a 1 Volt 'RIAA equalised' signal from your HIFI system.
You will get this from the rear of your Amplifier/Stack system, again via 2 Phono sockets. - The turntable signal has been processed by the Pre-amp stages prior to being fed out the HIFI unit.

explains it all, nearly....

Before anyone goes out to buy a turntable pre-amp (aka phono pre-amp), they may already have a suitable turntable.

There a SOME turntables supplied with (what used to be called) Midi Hi-Fi systems, that include the required Pre-Amplifier. aiwa is one of those manufacturers, the turntable has a discreet switch hidden under the platter (the rotating thingy), lift the rubber mat and look through the holes. On the aiwa, the switch is labelled ON and OFF (very informative!), but this controls the pre-amp. If you have a midi hi-fi with turntable, thenyou may already have what you need.

The give-away is "what does the turntable plug into on the hi-fi?". If there is only one auxiliary input, that can be used for Phono, Video, VCR, Sat, etc., then it expects the 1V signal discussed earlier, so the turntable must have a pre-amp.

All that said, aiwa aren't the manufacturers of the turntable. I've seen the same 'deck' badged with several names. Could be a common manufacturer supply to the system builders me-thinks.

If anyone needs to buy a suitable turntable, Argos sell 2 (Bush name), that have a built-in Pre-Amp, 512-4998 and 512-5131, although for the prices asked, you could buy a whole midi system on eBay for that.

  Tim1964 00:03 25 Mar 2004

I've being toying with the idea of recording vinyl to my PC but don't have the room to have the whole HiFi next to the comp. Your tip,

"On the aiwa, the switch is labelled ON and OFF (very informative!), but this controls the pre-amp. If you have a midi hi-fi with turntable, thenyou may already have what you need."

I looked under the rubber mat and (as well as a 240/115v switch) the ON/OFF was there !! That'll make the job SO much easier. Now I just need a few months of work to record them all.

  daba 12:15 25 Mar 2004

Glad to be of service, Tim1964. I'm sure many other people already have the kit needed.

Now as far as software goes, there's tons out there and everyone seems to have their favourites. My fav. is MusicMatch Jukebox - why?

Probably because its the one I started with, got used to it, and paid for it. It does all I need (and more), and yet only costs $19 (I'll have to check that price, it may have been a special offer at the time I got it. One thing I like is the single-pass rip to mp3 file without having to rip to wav then convert, and when creating CD's it takes the mp3 and burns CDA without an intermediate conversion.

  daba 12:19 25 Mar 2004

click here=

$19.99 one-off fee, lifetime upgrade.

  Eric10 14:05 25 Mar 2004

If I was more cynical I might think that this question was a plant since there is an article in this month's PCAdvisor on this very subject.

  daba 15:58 25 Mar 2004

I'm not cynical - I can't think of a good reason why Rogmur's question could conceivably be a plant.

Planting questions on this forum (and I'm sure it does happen) surely requires some sort of motive. What possible motive could there be for the innocuous question "what am I doing wrong ?".

Even with all the written technical detail available sometimes things do go wrong, and asking for further help in here is what this forum is all about.

Whether Rogmur has seen the article or not is of no consequence. He asked for advice, and I was happy to provide some sort of answer for him. I hope I have gone just that little bit further than the PCAdvisor article, in proposing that people might already have the required hardware.

At least Tim1964 thought so, and if it has helped just 1 member, then it don't matter a diddly-squat whether the original question was 'planted' or not.

regards, daba

  Eric10 16:22 25 Mar 2004

Appologies to you daba and anyone else who may have thought I was getting at them. It was supposed to be a joke but I'm not into all the smiley face language so I accept that it was open to misinterpretation.


  daba 16:41 25 Mar 2004

accepted - lets move on

  pj123 17:59 25 Mar 2004

There have been lots of thread on this subject. Here are two you should look at. click here

click here

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