how to record audio from tv into pc?

  BeForU 19:21 09 Jun 2003

hi sorry for this silly question but im no good at things like this! i just like to know to record audio perfectly from a tv set into my pc? what kind of cables do i need etc if this is possible?

  ton 20:27 09 Jun 2003

It depends which kind of sockets you have on your TV.

You may only have a headphone socket on TV, in which case you could use that. Normally a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug connected to another of the same type to the line in on the PC.

  BeForU 20:39 09 Jun 2003

oh if i can at least do it through the headphone jack it should be ok then?

  ton 20:48 09 Jun 2003

It should be fine. You will need sound recording software on your PC. Check to see what came with your sound card or CD writer etc.

  BeForU 20:52 09 Jun 2003

well i managed to have downloaded some program called Advanced MP3/WMA Recorder and it can record from a tv as well as long as i connect it to my pc obviously lol!! well i guess ill close this thread! thanks for your help! i didnt think it would be that simple!

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