How to receive yahoo mail in outlook express

  franktukker 17:14 22 Oct 2004

Sorry, its a beginner question but I changed to broadband recently and opened a yahoo adress because the old wanadoo address was not sending anymore. I want to continue making use of outlook express (version 6) and made a new account as described by yahoo. The correct pop3 and smtp server added and the correct username and password (works when going to yahoo direct). However when trying to send emails the login pop-up appears all the time and doesn't accept my username and password. I do have ZoneAlarm, but when disconnecting it there is no change.

  johnnyrocker 17:23 22 Oct 2004

go into yahoo options/mail and yu will find there how to do it, i believe it is a setting in outlook express to do with mail syncro or something like that


  Valvegrid 17:25 22 Oct 2004

You usually find its a simple problem like entering the incorrect information. I've done myself on more than one occasion, and I should know better.

Its best to print the instructions off and double check all is correct:

click here

  Dorsai 17:31 22 Oct 2004

Basically, you can't.

Yahoo mial does not allow remote use. I guess it's as they want you to go on line and see the adsverts that pay for the service, that is otherwise free.

in order to do it, you have to subscribe to yahoo mail.

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  Valvegrid 17:40 22 Oct 2004

Strange, I use Yahoo POP3 with Ximian Evolution and can use my free email account with it.

  Valvegrid 17:49 22 Oct 2004

I will add, if you want to use the free account with email clients like IE6, you have to sign up for at least one of their Yahoo!'s personalized services. They will send the occasional email relating to that service you've requested, it is occasional as well, I've had my account for months and yet to receive an email from yahoo.

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  Dorsai 18:16 22 Oct 2004

it looks like i am wrong...

We have a yahoo mail account at work, some years old. When we first got it, you could not. But now you can...I have been searching their help section, and can not find the help file that i found when i tried, that said 'you cant'

Either that, or my memory sucks.

  Valvegrid 18:19 22 Oct 2004

I think you're right, if my memory serves I think its a fairly recent innovation from them.

  Valvegrid 18:20 22 Oct 2004

POP3 that is.

  Dorsai 18:28 22 Oct 2004

That reassures, I am not so much wrong (or of failing mental faculties, LOL), as out of date.

Oh well, you live and learn...

Will now be able to set it up at work (At last!)

  franktukker 19:27 22 Oct 2004

Sorry ladies and gents but the right answer isn't there yet, at least I tried the advice of johnyrocker as well as valvegrid and no change in the repeating logon pop-up screen.

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