How to re-start "SSDP Discovery Service"

  johnem 18:59 21 Aug 2007

I am having an annoying problem in that my Canon digital camera is not recognised by the Zoombrowser software. From various other forums I ahve gleaned the information to run "services.msc" and check if "SSDP Discovery Service" is set to automatic start. I have found that mine is set to disabled, possibly as a result of using Tune Up Utilities 2007, as I recall see and clicking on a security note about UNPnP.
When I try to set SSDP to automatic, I am shown a flag "Access denied".
I am signed in the system administrator as administrator.
Any suggestions as to how I can set "SSDP" to automatic, if only to help solve the camera problem?

  skidzy 19:10 21 Aug 2007

Are you trying to enable the service while the camera is connected ? if so disconnect the camera and try again.

Have you tried restarting the service via right clicking on the service and restart.

Sorry not a great deal of help,but can say mine is set to manual.

  johnem 19:18 21 Aug 2007

Hi skidzy,
Good thought, yes I was trying to alter the setting with the camera connected. Just tried it now without the camera, still displays "access denied."
I think I may need to contact Tune Up Utilities, to see if there is a way around this. I cannot use their "restore" feature as the system has just been re-installed using Acronis 10.
Did not want to go down the windows XP repair route if I could avoid it.

  skidzy 19:27 21 Aug 2007

You may need a reboot and try the service again.

Can you reload the camera software ? this may set the service back to manual enabling you to start and restart the service.

Again not a lot of help im afraid.

  johnem 19:31 21 Aug 2007

Thanks skidzy,
That was my first move, uninstalled and then re-booted. Installed, made the adjustments, re-booted et al. Ho hum. I suspect that however Tune Up has disabled UnPnP, it has put an access block in place. Possibly if I could use their restore I might have been able to remove the access block. Did not want to re-install XP yet again.

  skidzy 19:33 21 Aug 2007

I suppose you could check the bios and see if there is a setting to enable UnPnP.

  johnem 10:57 22 Aug 2007

Hi Skidzy,
Have been away from puter for a while, will have a look this evening. Any other ideas please.

  johnem 20:37 22 Aug 2007


  woodchip 20:57 22 Aug 2007

It may be showing a Flag, Because there are other Services that should be running

  woodchip 21:04 22 Aug 2007

Have you got UPnP Disabled in Services if so try enabling it the try SSDP.

running SSDP is a Risk in Security

  johnem 21:06 22 Aug 2007

Evening woodchip,
i have checked that the "Canon camera Access Library 8" is set to automatic, it is. I have also checked that "WIA(Windows Image Acquisition)" is set to automatic and it is. These items were mentioned in another forum referring to Zoombrowser. Any other suggestions please.

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