How puzzling!

  snowy30 01:11 18 Jan 2007

My young nephew had three games bought for him - Scooby Doo The Glowing Bug Man; Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed and Scooby Doo Jinx at the Sphinx. The last two works fine on their computer, but they could not play The Glowing Bug Man - instead the main page appears and on clicking play it goes back to desktop saying to install it. So I was asked to try installing it on my computer, when I clicked on the drive the CD-ROM was in, since it didnt start automatically, it appeared in the task bar instead and when I clicked on it in the task bar it wouldnt open to be installed so I assumed it was faulty.

After it was exchanged for another disc of the same name the same thing happened, but this time I looked up on the net using google as to why this problem is occuring - I found the solution saying IndeoCodec needs to be installed before attempting to play the game(how is anyone to know this without looking it up on the net as like my sister who is not connected it should be installed automatically)

Before I had found the above troubleshooting information I tried it on my computer, again it went straight to taskbar and nothing happens when I attempt to open it when I click on it. The computer exceeds all system requirements by a long way, exceeds that of the computer my nephew uses at that. The requirements of the game are: Windows; Pentium 166MHz; 32Mb RAM; 50Mb hard disk (I have plenty left); 16bit 640x480 screen; Direct X video card; Direct X 8 or later........

  keef66 10:52 18 Jan 2007

Sadly too many pc games have bugs which are not apparent at the time of release; often the larger manufacturers release patches for download, but for budget games this is rare, and as you say, no use to someone without internet access.

The problem comes when you try to get a refund or exchange for a different game. Most retailers don't want to know once you've opened the packaging, because of software piracy.

Anyway, have you found and downloaded the required codec and got it working??

  snowy30 21:16 18 Jan 2007

Service Pack 2 - With the 2004 update to Windows XP (known as Service Pack 2), Microsoft has made changes to the OS and Windows Media Player 9 and 10 that prohibit the playback of Indeo content online. Users will find that they will no longer be able to automatically play video files posted on the web if they were encoded with the Indeo codec. Windows Media Player will only play Indeo files if they are local (on your hard drive). Questions and comments should be directed to Microsoft through one of their support channels.

As I have SP2.

I haven't loaded the codec and the game onto my nephew's computer just yet, I'll post the outcome when I do.

  keef66 11:03 19 Jan 2007

Well, according to that article it shouldn't be, since the files will be on your HDD after you install the game. Download the codec and give it a go.

Do the game publishers have a website? If so, is there anything on it about this problem?

  snowy30 01:17 20 Jan 2007

I have neglected to mention that I tried to download the codec from the disc onto my computer after I have found the above solution, I can't even start it to load.

I clicks on it, the little egg timer comes up alongside the arrow, but then it disappears after a few secs.

  pac73 01:31 20 Jan 2007

Just as a suggestion,download VLC Media Player 0.8.6a from file and see if it works after you,ve installed it.

  snowy30 18:40 20 Jan 2007

Still nothing. I might as well wait and see if it loads onto their computer when I get there.

  snowy30 18:40 20 Jan 2007

Thanks for trying.

  snowy30 20:44 01 Feb 2007


  keef66 21:07 01 Feb 2007

come on, tell us what worked!

  snowy30 01:13 02 Feb 2007

After I installed the game onto my nephew's computer, I installed IndeoCodec which completes the set-up. Now its working just fine :o)

For some reason it wouldnt load onto my computer, even though my specs are more advanced.

The only things I can think of for preventing the game loading onto here is that I have security software ie: Anti-Spyware programs, Firewall etc.

And I have Service Pack 2 installed and they have Service Pack 1

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