How put a bar on site which shows links visited?

  Mark-337111 16:37 06 Mar 2004

I see many sites nowdays which list the links the user has followed as thy move around from page to page - for example -

home > Contacts > FAQ (You Are Here)

Can someone explain how this is done please

Many thanks


  Taran 17:19 06 Mar 2004

I think you mean breadcrumb navigation links.

There's a pretty good walkthrough at this link:

click here

Depending on your web editing software you may find that you have the ability to do this built in or as an add-in. There are Dreamweaver extentions to enhance the tools it already has and Adobe GoLive also has breadcrumbs available.

There's a JavaScript example of breadcrumbs in Dreamweaver MX here:

click here

  Mark-337111 18:08 06 Mar 2004

Thanks Taran

I'm a Frontpage 2000 user at present - Do you know of any add-in for FP. If not do you have a tutorial to walk me through the process

Many thanks


  Taran 18:31 06 Mar 2004

A frontPage macro that does the job:

click here

Kaosweaver do a FrontPage add on for breadcrumb navigation but I can't remember offhand whether it works in FrontPage 2000 - it's currently hosted at this site:

click here

The actual Kaosweaver site is at this link click here but because of Microsoft rules and regs they've had to move their FrontPage addins to the site I linked to above.

That should get you up and running but both methods rely on you having a well structured website root folder. If you have pages all over the place, buried in subfolders when they don't need to be and so on, you don't stand a chance.

  Mark-337111 22:14 06 Mar 2004

Thanks Taran, however I still seem to be having problems.

I went for the macro as the exe file just refuses to load into the FP addins.

I loaded the macro as directed and now have the the options - breadCrumb Trail Insert, Recalculate web & update.

I placed cursor at the desired point in my home page & home page appered - I saved & uploaded - No trail appeared as I moved around site - Where am I going wrong?



  Taran 09:20 07 Mar 2004

These are products I know of but don't actually use personally. However, since you had problems I downloaded and installed both of them without any problems into FrontPage 2000.

All I did for the Macro was recalculate the web.

Now open each page, one at a time, click at the point where you want to insert your breadcrumb trail and select the Insert option from the macro.

Save and close the page.

Open up the next page and do the same and a link based on that pages relationship to the homepage will be inserted.

You have to do each page, one at a time using the open page, insert breadcrumb, save and close page method.

Several pages open at once throws everything out of sync and you get Home on every page or Home on the index page and that's it.

Apply the insert via the macro to each page individually and see how you get along.

I only use Breadcrumb navigation on large sites and I normally generate them dynamically.

Smaller sites that are only one or possibly two levels deep do not normally need them; a simple, easy to use main navigation structure is still your mainstay for any site. Very large sites or intranets that go several levels deep benefit from breadcrumbs, but if your site is a bunch of pages in your web root folder all you'll get from a breadcrumb is Home >> Pagename

If you want to try a JavaScript example you could do worse than this one:

click here

Accept the prompt to download the file then open it in Notepad and read the commented section on how to configue it.

I only suggested the macro and EXE downloads as a possible point and click method.

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