How to put all memory in one partition

  menopaws1947 20:10 26 Nov 2010

Once again Help! Just tried to download a prog and would not install as was not enough space. Looked and there i2 115GB in drive D, 100 GB in drive E and C is full.
This must have happened last time I formatted my hard drive. How can I get stuff to download into the drives with space available, or even better, how can I put all my memory in drive C. Preferable without having to format again.

Thanks Sue

  Belatucadrus 20:38 26 Nov 2010
  menopaws1947 20:54 26 Nov 2010

Thanks for link, I had downloaded a programme similar to that, only prob with both is I have no idea whatsoever what to do with them !!

  Belatucadrus 21:04 26 Nov 2010

If you look at the page I've linked too then read the "Main Features" bit, there are hyperlinks to basic user instructions there.

  woodchip 00:02 27 Nov 2010

Why not uninstall all the programs that you have the CD's to reinstall then reload them doing a custom install and load them to D:\ this will free up space on C:\ also System Restore needs turning off to clear all restore points then change the settings so Restore only uses 8% of the C:\ drive other Partitions you can turn System Restore off its not needed as when you have problems it will be the one with the OS on it C:\

  menopaws1947 00:09 27 Nov 2010

Well not sure if it is because is late, but been trying last couple of hours to use that partition programme and getting nowhere, even with the Help section of the programme. Might have to reinstall things. Am going to have a go in the morning. Thanks for help - might still need some !

  letsgetrdy 04:41 27 Nov 2010

Save-as comes to mind when downloading, and "Advanced" install comes to mind to choose what drive to install the said-software to. You don't need any of the above mentioned software.

  letsgetrdy 04:44 27 Nov 2010

Also as woodchip put it, "Custom" whatever your installing will ask you if you want to do a recommended or simple install, you want to choose "custom" or "advanced", and that way you get to define where it is installed to. Somethings just prompt you of this information anyway, so in that case you can just change the default install path i.e. C:/Program Files to... D:/ or E:/.. etc. Maintaining the "Program Files" part.

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