ZEROTOLERANCE 15:21 06 May 2004

Could some one advise me on the best way to protect my comp? ive upgraded to XP and had to get rid of my norton because it wasnt compatible, im a student and cant afford to go out and buy, so im looking for freeware realy. i have AVG freeversion, but apart from that and the XP firewall thats my protection, but is this enough? i feel like i should have some thing more especially with so many security warnings about at the moment.

  expertec 15:28 06 May 2004

The XP firewall is rubbish, get Sygate from click here

Also, do you have any anti-spyware?

  byfordr 15:33 06 May 2004

click here

Get spybot, adaware, spywareblaster, start page guard from the link above. Never hurts to save a copy of cwshredder on the desk top. Visit the Microshaft website and get the latest updates. (May be worth grabbing the ones for blaster and sasser saving them to disk or cd from another computer before you voyage online)

click here products/znalm/freeDownload.jsp Zone Alarm much better than xp firewall!



  rawprawn 15:37 06 May 2004

Avast is the best free firewall I have used at click here also Microsoft are giving away a free CD with all the updates on, and if you order it, it comes with a free CD for Etrust firewall which is a free trial for 1 year. I'm sorry I can't remember the address for the cd's, but I will have a look round and come back to you if I can find it.

  rawprawn 15:39 06 May 2004

That's rubbish, I don't know what I am thinking of, Avast is a antivrus, Zone Alarm is the one I would choose, but I will try and find that address.

  rawprawn 15:49 06 May 2004

click here I think this should do it, but if you type Microsoft free update cd into google you will see it.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 16:00 06 May 2004

ok thanx ,
have spysweeper + adaware

  expertec 16:11 06 May 2004

Every time I've ever tried to use ZoneAlarm (on various sytems and connections) it's caused problems, but now I (and some other people I know) use Sygate, I never heard of anyone having problems with it

  byfordr 16:26 06 May 2004

Whats sygate like with networks?

  Stuartli 16:54 06 May 2004

You should have absolutely no problems with ZoneAlarm's free edition with XP - go to click here

I've used ZA with Windows 98, 98SE and now XP Pro and it works exactly as it should and, furthermore, alongside SpywareBlaster, AdAware6 and Norton AV (now replaced by AVG's free version).

As with any other utility it should be properly configured to avoid any potential problems; the latest edition also needs to be set for manual rather than automatic updates, which are very few and far between in any case.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 17:29 06 May 2004

thanx, i did have zone alarm before, when i had win2000 but i kept hearing people say it was rubbish, and that the warnings it was giving me were just scare mongering to tempt me to upgrade, so i went back to mcafee guardian!!
but i dont think that will work with xp, & no one recomended it,,, SO???

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