How to print web pages?

  stlucia2 07:59 30 Dec 2010

Whenever I try to print the content of a web article that's more than one screen long (e.g. a newspaper article which I have to scroll down to read the whole of), my printer prints the correct number of pages, but only the first page contains the article itself. The first page contains the first part of the article, and whatever background stuff was on the screen such as titles, ads, etc. Subsequent pages contain all the background stuff, but a large blank space where the remainder of the article should be.

Is there any way to send the whole article direct to printer, please? I know I can scroll down and printscreen each screen, and then paste them into my graphics software, but surely I don't have to do that in this day and age?

I'm using Firefox and Windows XP with an Epson Photo 870 printer.

  eedcam 09:35 30 Dec 2010

I just right click on the article choose print preview check all the pages are showing then print.

  Woolwell 12:49 30 Dec 2010

Highlight the part that you want eg just the text of the article and then File - Print and chose to print selection.

  stlucia2 13:36 30 Dec 2010

Thanks for the responses.

I've tried right-clicking, and I don't get any "Print preview" or "Print" option. In fact, the options I get depend on whether it's a picture or text that my mouse is over at the time.

I seem to be able to highlight headlines and text body, but graphics aren't included when I do that. And when I go to File > Print Preview I get the same result as I had before -- all the ads, pushbuttons, banners, etc., but no text whatsoever even though it was text that was highlighted. I've tried the same thing with Edit > Select All, and everything gets highlighted, but the result is the same when I try to print.

  Woolwell 13:47 30 Dec 2010

Alternatively tell your printer to just print page 1 or page 1 and the other pages with the info you want and omit the rest which just contain the background stuff. You can check which pages by using print preview.

  canarieslover 15:06 30 Dec 2010

Install a PDF printer like CutePDF click here
This installs as another printer that you can select instead of your actual printer and will print the article to a PDF that you will be able to view the page in. If it is saving to this file OK then it should be able to print to your normal printer from there. It doesn't really solve your problem but it will stop you wasting paper and ink until you do get a solution.

  eedcam 18:27 30 Dec 2010

The print options should come up even over ablank space

  iscanut 18:31 30 Dec 2010

If you right click on the page, you then need to select all then click on print preview from the File menu at top left hand.

  stlucia2 18:56 30 Dec 2010

"The print options should come up even over ablank space" Hmmm ... maybe it should come up, but on my PC the only menu options I get when I right click over a blank space are Back, Reload, Bookmark this page, Save page as, Send link, Select all, View page source, and View page info.

If I go to File > Select All, and then right click on the page, the menu options I get are Copy, Select all, Search Google for "AccueilleFrance S..." (it's a page from France Soir that I was looking at), and View selection source.

Canarieslover, I've got Adobe PDF as a printer, but printing to it makes no difference; the .pdf file it creates contains data only on the first page, and then only ads and links on the subsequent pages. Selecting only to print page 1 certainly saves wasted paper, but it doesn't get me the other three pages of the article I wanted.

  eedcam 19:05 30 Dec 2010

Iscanut I dont have to right click and select all we are talking of multi page articles I just right click and up comes print peview amongst the options . If you right click in this Post you get it and it only prints all of the post and no need to select least I dont

  RGB76 19:23 30 Dec 2010

Same as eedcam, right click inside this thread and print preview shows two pages to print.
I`m useing Win-7 and IE8

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