How to print card on Pixma iP4850

  sage_celt 12:18 06 Nov 2010

I have just bought this printer because I read in some adverts and several statements in forums that it could print up to 300gsm card. Now I've installed it, I can't find any help in the manuals about how to do this. It says (the manual) that paper no heavier then 105gsm can be used.

Can anyone help please?

  RGB76 13:09 06 Nov 2010

I use a Pixma IP4200 and have on the odd occasion printed Greetings Cards on card, I don`t recall the gsm of the card but it printed out very nicely.
I only loaded one sheet at a time, I also printed out the CD/DVD cases that were made of card that were sold by Neato or Avery but are no longer available to buy, they would have been 300gsm I think.


  sage_celt 10:21 07 Nov 2010

Did you use the rear paper carrier - i.e. where the photo paper gets loaded? I assume it wasn't from the carrier underneath the printer?


  RGB76 14:01 07 Nov 2010

Hi Ken, Sorry I didn`t get back to you quicker, I loaded the card sheets one at a time from the TOP loader, I only keep envelopes and A5 paper in the bottom tray.
I hope everything works OK for you, If you have any of the Card CD cases about you will know they are pretty thick, and the ones I used to buy ready to print and and tear out of the A4 Sheet were like that.

Good Luck

  sage_celt 16:32 07 Nov 2010

Hi Russell, thanks for your help. As I've just got this printer, how do I get it to select the top loader instead of the bottom cartridge which seems to be the default?

Canon just keep saying you must use "Canon Special Media" to print 300gsm - what the hell is that?


  RGB76 19:50 07 Nov 2010

Hello Ken, If your printer is anything like mine it should have three buttons down the left hand side, the middle on is for selecting Top sheet Feeder or Bottom Tray and will flash on and off,
there are indents on the top and bottom of the button to indicate Top Feeder or tray.

But you can leave the bottom tray empty and push the tray all the way into the printer bottom out of the way, and the Printer will print from the top sheet freeder by default.

I have no idea what Canon are on about as I have never felt the need to talk to them, I always picked out what I wanted to print on Card Or several different sorts of paper and let the Printer do the rest, and it always has ,I bought this particular model several years ago and it has never let me down.

Good Luck


  RGB76 19:55 07 Nov 2010

Ken, Maybe someone will come on to your thread who has the same Printer as you, and can give you more advice and assurance regarding what you want to do.


  sage_celt 11:00 09 Nov 2010

Russell - thanks for your advice. The new printer has no buttons down the side and I guess it must be software controlled. RTFM I suppose :-)


  shellship 11:57 09 Nov 2010

I have a Canon MP 990 and selection of the top loader (or anything else) can be done by selecting "properties" in the print dialogue box.

  sage_celt 17:34 09 Nov 2010

Thanks to everybody who helped. All sorted now.


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