How is this possible?

  Keithrow 13:37 29 Jan 2003

I am probably not alone in receiving this type of unsolicited email but....
I have had this one sent twice in the past week or so and can't imagine how it could be done, part of the message follows,

"Learn the secrets the DVD companies don't want you to know! You will NEVER have to buy another DVD again! Trade movies with friends, copy rentals and much more!

Copy only 2 DVD movies and this program has paid for itself! This program is BANNED from many download web sites because of the secrets we teach you. Get your copy today!"

I must add that it will go straight in the delete section and I'm NOT intending to take up the offer, even if it is in any legit.

  MalcSP 13:46 29 Jan 2003

It's a Scam! There was a warning about it on one of the anti-virus sites. McAfee, I think.

  Old PC man 13:48 29 Jan 2003

If someone can create the code to make it "impossible" for DVDs to be copied then that same person can create the code to make it possible again.

You just have to be that type of person.

Even if you can copy the DVD it cannot be legal 'cos you dont have the license to go with it.

Glad to see you have no intention of accepting such an offer. Good on you.

John. /#)

  TECHNODIMWIT 13:53 29 Jan 2003

recieved as well today, a regular spam entry.
its about the only one i get from an unknown source, presume they start there server sending to [email protected] and let it run to [email protected] and see if any one responds.


  Keithrow 13:56 29 Jan 2003

What I was really amazed by was the promise of being able to copy the contents of a DVD, movie for example, and write it onto a CD.
Is this possible baring in mind the storage capacities of the two media?
I had no doubt that it was a tad underhand.

  Cordy13 14:04 29 Jan 2003

As has been discussed several times on here, yes it is possible. It is simply a matter of 'ripping' the DVDs files and converting them to VCD compatible files, these will then fit on to 1 or 2 CDs.

  canard 14:10 29 Jan 2003

How do they get the email addresses? I keep getting them in OE which I use for immediate famuly only.

  Lú-tzé 14:16 29 Jan 2003

click here - details of a PC guru who decided to follow a link to see what was on offer - basically nothing that was not available elsewhere for free.

(The item is entitled /How to save $30/ )

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