How to play my shared media on my desktop remotely

  Mikkel48 13:25 08 Jun 2014

I have Plex Media Server running at startup on my XP desktop to share my media collection. I have a router with wi-fi and can view the collection on my android phone running BubleUpnP and play files via my Blue-Ray to the TV - all great!

I can also use the phone to select a file and play it on the phone or on my NetBook - if Windows Media Payer12 is running on it.

However I also want to be able to play selected shared media on a software player running on my Desktop PC (E.g. when I am in the bath but want to play nice relaxing music! The desktop has a good speaker system and is closest to the bathroom.)

However WMP 11 does not seem to support doing this and WMP12 won't install on XP. Can anyone recommend another player /renderer that can be remotely controlled as WMP 12 can? Presumably it needs DLNA and UPnP compatibility.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:23 08 Jun 2014
  Mikkel48 10:03 09 Jun 2014

I've seen a lot of conflicting posts in forums about whether VCL supports DLNA and UPnP.

Anyway I tried running it on the desktop where the media is being shared from but nothing shows up on BubbleUPnP on the Android phone under renderers except the local one i.e. the phone.

I tried selecting VCL Local Network : Universal Plug'nPlay but nothing appears to happen, and nothing shows up, even after 5 minutes. Also tried clicking Network Streams; firewall asked to unblock it but nothing else happened. Is there something else I must do or configure so it will show up in the controller as a renderer? Yesterday when I tried the same things VCL crashed repeatedly. Today not.

  Mikkel48 10:07 09 Jun 2014

VCL says its the latest version: 2.13 I don't want a heavyweight library that does everything - just something simple that can act a a renderer to play mp3 or wma files. An alternative of course is to upgrade to Win7 and WMP 12 will do the trick. I should do that for better security but have been putting it off.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:12 10 Jun 2014

Anything here?

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