how to play laptop dvd on tv

  elgar 23:19 23 Apr 2003

i have s-video out on my laptop with dvd player. I thought it would be a wheeze to connect to my tv. Got the gubbins from Maplins and connected up (I think) but no joy.

what's teh magic bit

  mol01 23:36 23 Apr 2003

I may be stating the obvious but your TV is S-video compatible right? Otherwise if you get a signal out it'll be in B&W.

You need to enable the s-video out port. Switch TV on and set to the correct AV input. Right click on desktop/display properties/ settings/ advanced. Look in this section for settings. You may need to enable it as a second monitor for example.

It woud help to know what graphic card you have.

Also look at the functions of your laptop. There might be a special function to enable the board eg: on mine FN + F3 is supposed to activate the video out ports.

  hugh-265156 23:47 23 Apr 2003

what type of graphics card?if its ati card go to display/settings/and you should see two screens 1&2 right click on screen 2 and tick extend my desktop to this monitor also click advanced/monitor and click on the tv box and set up as pal uk.all in all though there is not a lot of setting up to do you should just attach svid from graphics card out to the tv in turn on computer and it should recognise that its attached.if you dont have a svideo connection on the tv and are using a scart adapter put this in av1 on the tv and if you still have problems take out all the other devices connected to the telly ie sky video etc.and try.

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