How to overclock core 2 duo??

  davidwilliams85 16:08 13 Dec 2006

Hi, I have had this pc for over 2 months now and so far everyting has been smooth running, appart from some internet issues that were not a fault with the pc. Anyway now that everything seems to be stable I am looking to overclock the cpu to a faster speed for gaming. My system is:

e6400 @ 2.13
ASUS P5n-32 sli deluxe
2 gb RAM
512mb nVidia 7900 GTX

I have read that essentially the core 2 duo's are the same, just running at faster speeds on the higher models, excpet for difference in Level 2 cache.

So was wondering if anyone knows a safe way to go about this, buying some new games shortly and in the coming months and would obviously like them to run as best they can on my pc.

Any help would be very appreciated

  Totally-braindead 16:14 13 Dec 2006

My advice is don't do it. You overstress the components and force them to work beyond what they were designed for causing more heat and a real danger of destroying the PC.
Your PC seems to be from what you have said well specified and since it should run any game whatsoever without any overclocking why bother.

  davidwilliams85 16:32 13 Dec 2006

OK! If its not recommended I will leave well alone, theres nothing worse than a malfunctioning pc.

Another question if I may: In the future would it be more simple to upgrade to a faster cpu such as the x6800 or qx6700?? Am i right in thinking that in time, over a year or so, these chips will be a lot cheaper?

Thanks again

  Totally-braindead 19:01 13 Dec 2006

It depends whether the motherboard can support the faster CPU. I'm assumming its the same type of socket used.
In time they will drop in price but by how much is anyones guess.
At the moment your board will support this click here but this may change as new BIOS are created to support new processors.

  DrScott 19:23 13 Dec 2006

that you feel the need to overclock what you have, but there are safe ways to go about it. I would recommend you buy a copy of Custom PC or go to their website click here - in the magazine they ALWAYS overclock their components and usually are happy with their results.

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