How to Overclock (for complete beginners!)

  Lee-262377 17:01 12 Apr 2005

Hi, I have an AMD Athlon XP2500 with 333FSB and 512 L2 Cache, my motherboard is PcChips M848ALU SKT A SIS 748 400 DDR, AGP x8, ATA133, 6ch sound and will take up to 3200 AMD athlon xp, my memory is 256MB Crucial 2700.
I have seen numerous quotes about overclocking my chip up to 3200!!
the problem is I have no idea how to do this. I have no idea about temperatures/voltages etc. which I understand are critical to this process along with fans.
Can anyone give me an idiots step by step guide of how to do this please??

  Starfox 17:31 12 Apr 2005

Try this it might explain more click here

  Totally-braindead 17:36 12 Apr 2005

Its entirely up to yourself whether you wish to try overclocking or not but I do wish to point out that if things go wrong you can virtually destroy your computer and as I see from your posting you have a fast computer I see little point. However as I said its entirely up to you, I for one couldn't afford to buy a new PC if things went pear shaped hence I wouldn't even try it.

  pb457 17:39 12 Apr 2005

I really wouldn't bother you can look at numerous sites that will tell you overclocking is pointless, i mean the 2500 chip is 1.83 ghz the 3200 is 2.5 that extra 700mhz will make a fraction of a milisecond of speed difference. Besides overclocking voids your warranty is very dangerous to your system and can cost you alot of money, in new parts and repairs. To overclock sucessfully you would have to invest in liquid cooling systems which are noisy and inefficient. I have an athlon 2500 + and my dad has a Duron 800mhz i can't tell the difference in speed, if you want to upgrade your speed buy a new stick of ram because Xp alone uses all 256 mb of ram a 512 chip will give you a huge perfomance boost.

  Starfox 18:10 12 Apr 2005

"Its entirely up to yourself whether you wish to try overclocking or not but I do wish to point out that if things go wrong you can virtually destroy your computer "

Was going to say something similar in my posting but I thought that it would be obvious,maybe I was wrong.Be careful,generally the performance gain is not worth the risk unless you are an expert.

  Indigo 1 18:48 12 Apr 2005

If you are serious about O/C'ing then you need to look at sites where the experts go like click here or click here.

I would advise that you don't bother but it's entirely up to you. I have managed to O/C my Athlon XP2600 Barton right up to (equivalent) 3200 with absolutley no noticeable difference in performance whatsoever ! The big difference was the heat output from the CPU which was ridiculous, it was more than double the standard heat output and very nearly fried the CPU. So now it is back to standard.

If you are serious about O/C'ing your poor chip do make sure it is not the only PC in the house because if things go wrong they tend to go wrong in style and you will almost certainly wish you hadn't even tried.

You can get Benchmark programs that can test your PC in different ways to 'prove' that you have made a difference in speed but they are synthetic tests and that mean nothing in the real world of PC's.

If it ain't broke don't try to 'fix' it.

  Totally-braindead 19:39 12 Apr 2005

pb457 . "I have an athlon 2500 + and my dad has a Duron 800mhz i can't tell the difference in speed." You must be joking theres a huge difference in speed and liquid cooling is noisy and inefficient, have you ever seen it, XP does not use 256mb RAM on its own though more memory is better and you would notice the difference putting in another 256mb.

  pb457 12:23 13 Apr 2005

I think you'll find XP does look at the minimum system requirments which requires 128mb but the recommended is 256mb. Processing power makes hardly any difference in speed processing power is for extreme gaming and video editing otherwise a 2.5 ghz processer has no advantage and no difference in speed that a 1.83ghz.
I don't understand about liquid cooling systems you have repeated what i said totally braindead and you seem to be having a go at me

  Lee-262377 16:46 13 Apr 2005

Right, thanks for that, I think I will go for another 236MB of RAM for a starter. It looks like overclocking is just for real techies. Incidentally when I first boot up my chip only registers as 1.1Ghz processor, any idea why? and how I might be able to get it to display the correct speed (or is it purely a display issue rather than performance?).
Many thanks for your advice.

Make sure the clock speed in the bios for the cpu is set correctly. It would seem it isnt.

  woodchip 19:02 13 Apr 2005

It's not worth it unless the computer is past it. I have gone through it, and it did the SIS chip in on my motherboard after about twelve months When you Overclock a CPU you are in effect overclocking everything else including graphics card. and At the Price of Mobos and CPU's it's not worth fiddling

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