How to open case?

  natdoor 10:04 11 Jun 2008

A friend is disposing of a Dell Inspiron XPS 765r. This is a desktop, i.e. not a tower. I thought it prudent to remove the disk drive beforehand and erase the contents (I don't know if the machine still runs). The problem is,I can find no obvious way of opening it up. There is a brass screw at the back towards the top but this releases nothing. There must be some plastic retainers which need to be released but I can't locate anything.

I know that there are some members with long PC experience who mighthave owned such an old machine and I would be grateful if someone could give me a clue before we resort to a sledgehammer.

  jimv7 10:11 11 Jun 2008

Any plastic clips under the front panel, which might let you access the screws, and the top lifts off, or slides off.

  natdoor 10:40 11 Jun 2008

Well, I had looked for such clips and not found any. However, I will look again.


  natdoor 10:52 11 Jun 2008

I am off to the optician for an eye test shortly. Possibly that will provide a solution in due course!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:32 11 Jun 2008

Desktops usually open by removing screws at rear and sliding top cover backwards slighty before lifting off.

  crosstrainer 16:20 11 Jun 2008

If you are going to junk it....and can't find a way to open it, use a little brute force :)

As Fruit Bat /\0/\ say's screws to rear and slide case forward. If not, you may have to remove the front facia panel by gently prising free the clips that hold it in place at the bottom of the case.

Old HP desktops were like that, and were a nightmare to re-assemble, but since you don't care if you break the panel you don't need to take as much care!

  Technotiger 16:26 11 Jun 2008

Not a tower, so I guess you mean what I call the flat type of case. The cover is usually all in one piece, after removing that screw you should be able to slide the cover backwards just a little (this should release the front edge from under a lip on the main body of the case) and lift upwards from the back to remove it completely.

  ambra4 16:52 11 Jun 2008

Most dell case do not use screws to hold the covers look for a lever that you slide down or pull out to remove the cover

“There is a brass screw at the back towards the top”

Remove the brass screw and look for a lever, press the bar down or pull out and slide the cover to the rear of the case

  Strawballs 16:56 11 Jun 2008

Try looking to see if there are a couple of triangular clips on the side at the front that can be pushed in and at the same time sliding the top and sides back.

  natdoor 17:12 11 Jun 2008

OK. Back from optician's. Have taken advice to explore with more force. I prised the front panel off by releasing three clips on the top. Having removed the rear screw, I prised the lid out on one side and saw that the lid should slide backwards to free plastic clips in L shaped grooves. Having done this, which took some force, the lid lifted off. It took another couple of minutes to workout ho to remove the hard drive, which was held vertically in a plastic cradle and screwed to the front plate.

I'm sure that that is far too much information for you. Thanks to all for your suggestions.

  crosstrainer 17:14 11 Jun 2008

Please don't apply for a job as a repair technician :))

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