how often should u defrag???

  thetrickster 14:27 19 Feb 2006

how often should you defrag your hard drive and is it an important process that should be done??? also is a trojan horse a virus??

  DieSse 14:33 19 Feb 2006

*how often should you defrag your hard drive and is it an important process that should be done???*

About every 3 months or so. IMHO it's highly overhyped as a measure. I tend to do it after I have a big bout of software try outs (installs/uninstalls) - but otherwise hardly ever. I have never noticed any performance difference before and after deragging, I just regard it as a *general tidy-up*

*is a trojan horse a virus??*

Yes - just a particular type - what's in a name anyway - virus, trojan, worm, spyware etc etc - they're all bad.

  bluto1 14:48 19 Feb 2006

a reasonably frequent disc cleanup is fairly important to stop your PC slowing down completely. The frequency of it depends on how often you surf the `net.

  €dstowe 14:56 19 Feb 2006

A big thing for messing up the order in your hard drive is if you do video processing, especially if you don't have a dedicated drive for storage during the work.

Processing just a couple of one hour videos (that is downloading, editing, rendering and writing to DVD) can slow a "C" drive down to about three quarters its normal speed. Even if the video files are deleted, the remaining files can be scattered all over the place thus noticably slowing the machine.

  Fingees 17:05 19 Feb 2006

If you download windoww defender(free)
click here

and run it whilst on line, it will check over your pc, ad will dvise if you neefd a defrag ,if so you can let it do it for you.

I use it regularly.

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