how to network 2 pcs on 2 different routers

  citizen_smith 21:57 26 Jan 2009

ok I have one b/b connection and two routers, and two pcs, one connected to each router. the first router is ip, the pc connected to that is ip the second router is ip the pc connected to that is ip how do I connect second pc to first pc so I can share the printer/files etc?

  mgmcc 22:33 26 Jan 2009

To share files and printers the two computers must be in the *SAME* subnet. At the moment by being connected to two separate routers, they are in different subnets, i.e. and

Why are the PCs not both connected to the same router? At the moment (unless one router is a sub-router whose WAN port is connected to a main router's LAN port) they cannot both use the same internet connection simultaneously or be networked.

  citizen_smith 22:49 26 Jan 2009

thanks for your help, I've changed the router settings so they're both in the same subnet, it works now. many thanks!

  Switcher 23:10 26 Jan 2009


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