How much speed do I need ???????

  lodger 09:56 28 Aug 2005

I have a Pentium 233 mmx which freezes when I try to video conference :(.....I don't do gaming, just Internet and word processing.. also I have very little dough to throw at this, so I'm looking at old-type second hand systems...they are complete systems from 350 mhz to 1 gig from 60-100 pounds.....anyone have any experience of such systems, and what speed should i go for?......

  Diodorus Siculus 10:08 28 Aug 2005

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click here for some examples.

Getting the fastest you can afford is a good idea but remember that RAM for these older systems can be expensive - they are often ex-office systems which have limited upgradability.

If you have win98 / 2k and 256mb RAM on a 700mhz or higher machine, that will be all that you need, I think.

  lodger 20:47 28 Aug 2005

.......I'll pick up a 700 mhz base unit and add my bits to it....

  Bagsey 09:25 29 Aug 2005

I was using video conferenceing on my old 196 Pentium. It worked but the video was not great with a very jumpy picture on windows messenger. The sound was ok as well but had the usual long distance time lag.So you need the best system that you can afford with reason.

  lodger 11:17 29 Aug 2005

my present 233mmx is fine for one cam at a time, but can't handle two at once,which of course is defeating the object of the excercise....someone told me that bb is the answer, but I had no trouble doing 2 cams together on a faster machine using the old present rig has capacity issues too,, it seems that the USB is using IRQ resources that my sound card needs..and the cam is usb, so that must stay.....

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