How much should I charge?

  sdf 13:56 09 May 2004

Hello All,
I got someone who is interested in buying my old PC but I dont know how much I should ask for it. the specs below - thanx for your thoughs. Athlon 1.2, 712mb SDRam, 30gb 7200 HDD, onboard 6channel sound, LAN & Modem, Raedon 64mb 7200 graphics, sony CDRW. I want to be fair bt also obvoisly interested in making a buck or two!

  kp 14:19 09 May 2004

Approx £100 - £125 for the base unit assuming every thing works and it looks in good condition. This is a rough guess - based on MY opinion as to what it is worth - i.e. what I would pay for it. Others might pay more or less. the problem from your point of view is that there are some very cheap new base units up for grabs from many dealers at present. For not a lot more, you can buy new with a reasonable spec if you dont want a super-fast gaming machine.

Hope this helps. kp

  sdf 14:24 09 May 2004

Many thanks KP - thats a great help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:27 09 May 2004

I concur.


  Djohn 14:47 09 May 2004

I agree. If you include a monitor then you can add a few pounds more, any software that you want to include in the sale will add some more but you will need to include the disk and licence.

  Stuartli 14:52 09 May 2004

The unit is worth what anyone is prepared to pay for it - no more or less.

New CD-RW rewriters now cost from £20 and 80GB HDDs from £43 new, for instance, including VAT.

Perhaps using the free advertising pages in your local newspaper might work; work out the price you think it's worth and add £10 or £15 to it.

This will allow a potential buyer to "negotiate" a lower price, leaving you happy and him/her as well.

  Smiler 14:58 09 May 2004

I agree with Djohn GANDALF <|:-)> & kp. At this price it's good value and a good starting place for someone without a computer.

  spuds 17:01 09 May 2004

As further selling point, don't forget to provide the on-line support click here

  Smiler 10:29 10 May 2004

That's very good never thought of it as that before. LOL

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