How much RAM for xp home

  ronalddonald 15:59 22 Apr 2008

Im still planning to buy a desktop from cougar, ive noticed on other pc builder sites they recommend 2gb with windows xp home. I wanted to get 4gb, is it okay to do so for a intel duo E4700.

  johndrew 16:33 22 Apr 2008

I think 4GB of RAM for XP is a bit of an overkill, but it wont damage the system if you don`t use it all. It may `future proof` the system if you do upgrade the OS in the future (I`m thinking beyond Vista) and if you play games it may be handy.

  Ashrich 16:47 22 Apr 2008

A bit of overkill for XP Home I think , seeing as it will happily run with 512mb , 2gb would be more than enough unless you plan on handling huge files with Photoshop or something similar , on the other hand , although XP Home won't actually recognise 4GB , it won't do any harm , and does future proof you if you upgrade to Vista at any time . Personally , I don't think you will see any difference between 2 and 4 GB , apart from the cost but then memory is really cheap at the moment .


  Ashrich 16:48 22 Apr 2008

Great minds etc. , we have nearly used the same words !!! .


  Lee.C 17:09 22 Apr 2008

If you're planning to get XP Home, I'd personally stick with 2gb.

1. You wont notice any difference in general pc performance between 2gb and 3gb (never mind 4gb) in XP.

2. Single programs in XP can't make use of more than 2gb without making some tweaks to the system. Therefore you wont notice any difference even in the really demanding applications (games, photoshop etc).

3. Some older programs get a bit confused if there's more than 2gb installed.

4. Depending on your hardware, XP will only recognise around 2.75gb to 3.5gb of ram - even if 4gb is installed. This can only be solved by getting the 64bit version (which brings up a host of other issues).

  Cymro. 17:11 22 Apr 2008

My laptop has only 247 mb but still runs XP as it is the only modern computer I have ever owned I don`t have anything to compare it with but it seems to work well enough for me.

  Strawballs 22:22 22 Apr 2008

I have have 1 machine in my house running XP on 256meg and the other 2 with 1 gig , in the past I have even run it on 128 meg but it was a bit slow mind you.

  ronalddonald 23:53 22 Apr 2008

Just to thank u all, for the advice, will takeit in2 consideration, once again thank you

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