How much Ram do I realy have?

  Nightryder 22:44 27 Aug 2004

Can any one tell me how to figure out how much Ram I have? According to System properties I have 240MB,Belarc tells me I have 240MB of installed memory, dimm 1 has 256MB & dimm 2 has 256MB (which doesnt make any sense)Snapsys tells me I have 256MB single bank, enabled size 256MB, I know my ram is shared with the graphics card although it is supposed to have 16MB of on board Ram,im totally confused can anyone help??

  JonnyTub 22:50 27 Aug 2004

what os? are you using 95/98/xp?

  User-312386 22:51 27 Aug 2004

right click My Computer, select properties and under the general tab it will tell you

  Nightryder 23:08 27 Aug 2004

Im have win xp, In the properties of my computer it does say 240MB but why dont snapsys & Belarc agree??

  User-312386 23:21 27 Aug 2004

They are both correct

You do have 256 of ram, one reads that you have 240(256 - 16mb(onboard)

The other reads the complete 256 ram and does not take into account the shared graphics

  Nightryder 23:31 27 Aug 2004

I did wonder about that 16MB, does it mean my graphics card doesnt realy have its own on board Ram?

  User-312386 23:58 27 Aug 2004

no you have onboard graphics which has 16mb of shared ram

you will have to put a graphics card in your pc in order that the ram is not shared

Have you a desktop computer or a laptop/notebook?

  Nightryder 18:47 28 Aug 2004

I have a desktop PC & now I Can look for some more ram,(& maybe a new graphics card) thanks a lot for your help madboy33..

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