How much RAM can XP use?

  Dazza76 16:28 24 Jan 2008

Hi All,

I have recently had a custom PC put together with Vista as the OS. It has an fault which causes it to randomly restart itself.
The guys in the shop are convinced it's a Vista issue and keep trying to get me to swap back to XP. However i'm concerned that Xp can only utilise 2GB of RAM despite being able to detect more.
I could swear i read this somewhere. Can anyone adivse?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 24 Jan 2008

will see 4G but can use max of 3G.

  Dazza76 16:50 24 Jan 2008

Cheers mate

  wjrt 17:20 24 Jan 2008

can see and use 3GB on desktop to confirm fruit bat

  mrwoowoo 18:13 24 Jan 2008

Vista 32 bit supports 4GB of *address space*, not RAM.
The 4gb total that it can see/address will include the memory used by hardware such as graphics cards etc and this is lopped off the amount of ram it sees.
I have 4gb of ram installed but vista only sees 3.1gb.This can range between 2.75GB and 3.25GB depending on your hardware requirements.
As an aside,2 x 2gb sticks will give a slightly beter performance than 3 x 1GB sticks as 2 matched pairs will be accessed quicker and used more efficiently than 3 sticks of ram.
Also if you are lucky enough tthat vista sees 3.25gb you will get a slight boost from that.

  mrwoowoo 18:21 24 Jan 2008

Just had the same problem with a new vista machine so this may be relevant.
Once or twice a day from new it crashed to the blue screen then re booted.On the 4th day i sussed it.
This is often caused by bad or uninstalled/corrupt drivers.
It was my realtec pci card that needed a driver install due i imagine to a corrupt or wrong version installed.
In control panel go to problems and solutions and it may list your prob/conflict.
Mine said problem caused by realtec 810 blah blah so i went into device manager and updated the driver and no more crashes.

  Dazza76 09:55 25 Jan 2008

cheers for that mrwoowoo. Will give it a try as at the moment it got me and the 2 tech guys that built it for me well beaten

  mrwoowoo 17:17 25 Jan 2008

Whilst in device manager expand all the + signs in turn to check for conflicts.Should show with a yellow exclaimation mark.

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