how much protection is enough

  tomcat_m2 03:44 20 Jul 2006

Spy Blaster was doing okay but i was told by more knowledgable others an additional program would be helpful. I added Spy Sweeeper. Now my machine is runnng much slower. I didnt notice much difference with just Blaster. Is more than one AntiVirus necessary. Norton 2006 was recently installed. Do i need more than Adaware for its protection. Is more better???


  wolfie3000 05:41 20 Jul 2006

Well depends on how paranoid you are lol,

But joking aside only use one anti virus as two or more will conflict,

My setup is,

Antivir PE - antivirus

Spybot - spyware scanner

Spyware blaster - Stops nasties from websites

Zonealarm - firewall

Ad-aware - spyware scanner

Iv had this setup for many years and serves me well,

I run a virus check once a week,
I run spybot once a week,
I run ad-aware once a week,
And update them often usually when i see a notice in the forum i rush off and update,

My anti virus updates itself once a day automatically.

I hope you find this helpfull.

But as long as you got 1 antivirus 1 firewall and about 2 spyware scanners that should be enough.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:29 20 Jul 2006

An anti virus (AVG or Avast), windows defender, Spybot or Adaware as a backup and a firewall if you think it is necessary (I haven't used one for 3/4 years. Lay off the Pr0n sites or be careful aboput clicking 'yes' to anything on them. The most important thing is common sense and rocket science it ain't.

Spyaxe/sptyfalcon were not stopped by any firewall or AV as many who had 6 or 7 'protection' programmes found out. There is no need to go OTT. The whole paranoia about 'spyware' and viruses is getting to epic proportions of ridiculousness (I have yet to see a home computer that has been successfully hacked or one that has fallen victim to one of the many supposed security lapses in IE). There is absolutely no need for a home user to pay for ANY protection programme as the paid versions have no benefit whatsoever.


  golfpro 07:29 20 Jul 2006

I have always said, the biggest danger to computers is THE USER. Providing you are careful about what you download, you should not get infected, although there are some spyware programs which will get through.
One anti virus program and a good spyware remover like Spybot or Adaware is all you need.

  golfpro 07:32 20 Jul 2006

GANDALF <|:-)> you just pipped me to the post.

  badgermansix 07:38 20 Jul 2006

GANDALF <|:-)>, What is Pr0n please?

  wolfie3000 01:29 21 Jul 2006

Pr0n is leet speak for pornography,

Im surprised to see G using leet speak though lol.

  umbongo(uk) 01:57 21 Jul 2006

crap im running to protect me so far zero rubbish on sys touch wood
browser .....firefox
trillian (cos you know all yer mates are on diffrent chat clients like msn aol n yahoo this puts em all in one handy basket to talk to or ignore lol)
spybot search destroy free
adaware se personel free
avg antivirus free
kerio personal firewall free
all you got to remember for safe surfin is dont click on what you dont know or havent asked for

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