How much is this PC worth?

  Xenzon 08:37 21 Mar 2011

Hello, decided to sell my computer. It is the following.

CPU / RAM / 3D Card have been professionally overclocked after nearly 2days trial & error. Now the system runs completely perfect 100%.

It wouldnt have to be overclocked once sold, but would be sold with paperwork showing which BIOS settings to change in order to achieve the full system overclock.
Intel i5 760 @ 4.0Ghz 2.96v
Zalman CNPS10X Quiet
4GB G.SkiLL Ripjaw ( F3-10666CL8D-4GBRM 4 weeks old )
Gigabyte P55-UD6 Mobo
GTX 460 768 MSI Cyclone @ 915/1830/4400 1.08v
1TB Samsung F3 7200k SATA
500GB Hitachi Deskstar 7200k SATA
Jeantech Absolute 1000w Modular PSU - (Did have 3x 8800 GTX's, they worked fine on this PSU)
Zalman Z9 Plus Case (4 weeks old)
Sony DVD Writer

GFX Max temp after 3hrs stress was 74C @ 915Mhz

CPU Max temp after 3hrs stress was 69C @ 4.0Ghz

Currently only playing CoD Black OPs & MW2
I always play at 1920x1080 8xAA 16xAF. Runs perfect. 80-150fps on FRAPs. (Lift the FPS limit in console, standard these games max at 92fps)

Cheers ladies & gentlemen :-D

  Xenzon 08:38 21 Mar 2011

By the way:

RAM is currently running @

1600Mhz 8-9-8-24 1.5v

  lotvic 12:21 21 Mar 2011

As a buyer doesn't get a manufacturers guarantee, secondhand pc's are only worth what someone is willing to pay, suggest you look on ebay or similar to see what sort of price you can hope for.

Most times you get more by selling the individual parts.

  mole44 14:14 21 Mar 2011

Why not give to a friend with a lesser spec machine

  finerty 17:32 21 Mar 2011

could try to sell to a student but you cant guarantee the PC so if something goes wrong they wold have to take it somewhere else to repair....

  Forum Editor 17:55 21 Mar 2011

but you can't guarantee the PC"

Actually you will guarantee the PC. When someone buys a second-hand computer they are protected by consumer legislation, even if they buy it from a private seller.

  onthelimit 19:24 21 Mar 2011

Really? I thought, in this situation, it was 'let the buyer beware'?

  BT 08:54 22 Mar 2011

I have to wonder why Xenzon is so keen to sell what seems to be only a 4 week old machine.

  iscanut 09:55 22 Mar 2011

I think it is the memory that is 4 weeks old.

  Xenzon 11:21 22 Mar 2011

Because 'BT' I upgraded my computer, then my car died. Now I need money for a car again, quick :-(

  wee eddie 12:04 22 Mar 2011

I'm afraid that you are going to be disappointed. Almost regardless of what you spent on the machine, finding a Buyer will be hard.

Finding a Buyer with money will be even harder. If you want a quick sale, then you may do better selling the parts on eBay. Even then, nothing like the amount that you have recently bought them for.

Think a few hundred, a little more if you are prepared to wait a while and market it hard.

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