How much is my pc worth?

  Soundboi2k10 18:36 18 Jan 2010

Hello, I would also like to know how much my pc is worth please. These are the specs(some i don't quite know as I am only going off my memory.
One of the old Area 51 Alienware PCs
2.66ghz processor
1000GB Hard Drive
A few fans
New Watercooling(recently been added)
New ASUS £50 motherboard(recently been added)
Wireless Internet Card
I don't particulary know the graphics card but it was a Area 51 Alienware PC and I bought it for £1300 about 2.5years back. It also has neon lights around the outside.

  OTT_B 18:45 18 Jan 2010

If it has a stable overclock set by the factory and a 'good' graphics card (by current standards) then £300.

If it is all running at stock and a now mid range card, then £200.

Both costs assume it comes with an operating system.

  OTT_B 18:46 18 Jan 2010

both prices also auume its a quad core processor as well. Not sure if they were available on the Area 51 when you bought it.

Do you have more details about the exact model?

  Soundboi2k10 18:52 18 Jan 2010

its dual core the case is black with green and red neon lights 1 hard disk drive and 1 cd drive and a space for one more.

  OTT_B 18:56 18 Jan 2010

AMD processor, presumably?

Doesn't bode well for its retail value.

The thing you have on your side is that Alienware have quite a good name for performance gaming PCs. You might get lucky on eBay.

  Soundboi2k10 19:03 18 Jan 2010

yea alienware is shit, never getting it again. just going to stick to getting my mate to custom build pcs for me, way cheaper & more fun.

  OTT_B 19:56 18 Jan 2010

If you are going to do that, then take the new watercooling equipment out of the Alienware, get a better-than-average motherboard and overclock your new PC to death!

  Soundboi2k10 20:04 18 Jan 2010

I'm not getting a new pc for a while, atm i've got a pretty good one(alot better than the alienware) that me nd my mate built. I'm waiting till my exams are finished until I get a new pc because I can then just get an amazing custom built pc for around 1grand and just play games for 10 weeks straight! Getting about 100 350mg of caffine per 79ml drinks. Yes I am insane.

  User-1229748 20:18 18 Jan 2010

good luck in your exams anyway :o)

  Soundboi2k10 20:20 18 Jan 2010

cheers mate

  Input Overload 21:25 05 Feb 2010

How much would you pay for it?

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