How much is MY PC worth?

  bobbyboulders 13:35 05 Sep 2008

AMD Sempron 3100+ Processor Socket 754
ASUS K8VSEDX Motherboard
Minimum 1.8 GHz Maximum 2.4 GHz processor clock speed
512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9600 256MB Graphics Card
160 GB HD
A very cool computer case

No monitor, no peripherals, just the computer and the case.

How much do you reckon this is worth? Don't worry I'm not expecting a lot, I live in the real world.

  Clapton is God 13:52 05 Sep 2008

"I live in the real world"

I hope so.

£25 tops. There is no real market for 'used' PCs and particularly those which aren't complete

  bobbyboulders 14:09 05 Sep 2008

I appreciate the advice however I can get about £50 for the components on their own, the graphics card has sold for £20 on ebay, the hard drive £5, the RAM stick £5 and the motherboard and PSU for £20 at least. I just want to see what i could get for it in the classifieds.

  Clapton is God 14:12 05 Sep 2008

Your question was "How much is MY PC worth?" not "How much are these components worth on their own?".

My advice stands.

  bobbyboulders 14:20 05 Sep 2008

Ok, my pedantic friend. I'll leave you to take the insidious high ground. I shall be grateful to receive a bag of crisps for my oh so pitiful machine. Adieu Adieu off to ebay it is

  Clapton is God 14:26 05 Sep 2008

You presumably came here for advice.

If that advice is not what you wanted, that's not my problem.

It is, however, rather childish to revert to personal abuse just because you didn't get the advice you wanted or hoped to receive.

  skidzy 14:44 05 Sep 2008

to be honest here,Clapton is God is not far out with his estimate.You have not mentioned if an os is installed ?

Realistically if you could find a friend or someones child who are looking for a computer £50 tops.

Bearing in mind its a low spec machine with no monitor,you may struggle to sell this...your best option would be keep the hdd for backups and sell the rest separately.

  AL47 14:54 05 Sep 2008

id say about 50, no screen is a biggy,

looks like graphics card and hdd are the only useful bits at all

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