How much is my pc worth?

  s_whitie 13:54 29 Aug 2008

I have no need for my desktop pc anymore and was wondering how much I should expect if I was to sell it. The spec is:

HP Pavillion a.309
1.2 GB RAM
40 GB HD
Windows XP
Office 2007
19" widescreen lcd monitor
Wireless keyboard & mouse

If you need anymore information then please let me know.


  Clapton is God 14:19 29 Aug 2008

£150 max.

There is really no market for 'used' PCs

  spuds 15:02 29 Aug 2008

I would suggest that you look in eBay for a price comparison on a similar model. I have bought complete lower spec computer systems (40GB HD!) from liquidation auctions for less than £50.00.

  crosstrainer 09:37 30 Aug 2008

Try the small ads...A student might by it, but with such a small hard drive and low spec, I fear you won't get a great deal. My max bid on such a machine @ auction would be about £30.00

  iscanut 10:47 30 Aug 2008

Your Monitor and Office 2007 would be worth far more than £30. I certainly would pay more than that if I were in the market to buy.

  crosstrainer 13:21 30 Aug 2008

The price I suggested was for me to re-sell...Ie: Wipe hdd (probably install a 120GB)

Clean new copy of XP, MS Office all has to be built into my resale valuation.

I used to buy 100+ machines like this for refurb, but now, with kit so cheap, it's just not viable.

My post was intended to encourage a private sale.

  spuds 13:48 30 Aug 2008

Its the market that dictates the price, and having certain types of software installed doesn't always provides a good or even fair financial return.

In my own experiences, I have been able to purchase 'bulk' lots of older type monitors for virtually nothing. Not every one wants or seeks the responsibility of storage, carriage or repair. The same applies to certain computer systems, which have no further options of viable upgrading.

It might sound like a very poor response to s_whitie, but I think crosstrainer and myself are being realistic on current trends and options.

  crosstrainer 14:09 30 Aug 2008

It's a "keep for a rainy day" machine :)) Sadly the rainy day in question never comes!

I am about to retire, and hand control of my company over to the new people, so my staff had a huge clearout of stuff...

You would not believe the stuff I had mangaged to hide from them!

Almost sad to see it go, but still....I have plenty in my cupboards here at home :))

  jack 17:04 30 Aug 2008

On shop notice boards, in Supermarket Notice boards
Advertise is the items as separates

The unit as say 100
Screen 85
Keyboard/Mouse 10
and so on.

  Ex plorer 16:20 31 Aug 2008

This is ideal for a first PC, Waite till near the time of Christmas before advertising it and for around £100.

  skidzy 18:48 31 Aug 2008

i recently sold a similar spec machine for £125.00 with a 17" lcd

This was for a friends daughter,so there will be people out there,you just need to be lucky.

I also have another slightly higher spec but decided to put that in the workshop and not sell it.

Just make sure it is back to factory settings so it will run at its quickest....speed will be an issue to some,after one likes a slow computer.

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