how much is my old pc worth?

  vadababy 19:56 09 Oct 2011

compaq presario intel (R) Pentium (R) 4CPU 3.06 GHZ 3.06 GHZ 960 MB Of RAM

  bremner 20:07 09 Oct 2011

You do not say whether this includes a monitor or what the o/s is.

Unless these are exceptional then you will be lucky to get more than £75-100

  lotvic 21:04 09 Oct 2011

These look like the Specs I would think a third of bremner's figure and it would need to have O/S on.

  vadababy 21:12 09 Oct 2011

hi, it's just for the base unit alone. it has xp on it. I'm not expecting much, been offered £50 & just wondered if that was a fair price for it? Cheers.

  wee eddie 21:41 09 Oct 2011

Grab it. Remember to remind the Buyer "Caveat Emptor", and that it was working before you put it into his hands.

  vadababy 21:45 09 Oct 2011

it is fully working, i'm not trying to do anyone over, not sure what your comment is implying. i'm just getting a new pc built with more memory etc.

  lotvic 22:06 09 Oct 2011

It's a term used by private sellers "Caveat Emptor" = 'Buyer Beware' (you buy it 'as is' and there is no guarantee so have a good look at it before you part with your money)

Of course this doesn't always work out if it is a friend of yours ;)

  rdave13 22:37 09 Oct 2011

50 squids is more than you could expect. As above, grab it.

  vadababy 22:49 09 Oct 2011

ok thanks for the info

  mobing 04:26 10 Oct 2011

it is not worthy of selling now ,but the cpu seems a bit useful still for those who still want to keep on using the old pc before a complete upgrade !

  vadababy 08:14 10 Oct 2011

How is it not worth selling? for someone who just wants to use it for basic internet browsing i think it is still an ok pc.It has done me well in the time I have had it. The only reason i am upgrading is because i need more memory.

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