How much is Microsoft Office?

  Halmer 09:24 04 Dec 2005

I'm trying to decide what I need for my new PC. I need Excel, Word and Access as a minimum but am not sure what I should be buying.Why are these first two products so far apart in price terms?

click here

  €dstowe 09:26 04 Dec 2005

Check out click here before you spend on M$ products.

  VoG II 09:27 04 Dec 2005

The first one is an upgrade, the second is the full version.

I think you need click here if you want Access included but I haven't checked if this is the cheapest including Access. Access is NOT included in Office Standard Edition.

  Halmer 09:36 04 Dec 2005

So to get started its going to cost me over £300 even without Access? No wonder people buy copies from the local pub!

  Halmer 09:39 04 Dec 2005

'Student and Teacher' then please?

  VoG II 09:58 04 Dec 2005

click here

If you already have Office installed on your 'old' PC and you have the CD then you should be able to install it on your new one. I believe that the license agreement allows installation on up to three PCs.

  €dstowe 10:06 04 Dec 2005

The program given in my link above is totally FREE.

It is also well thought of - have a search around this forum to read some opinions.

  Hamish 10:10 04 Dec 2005

Also look in Google for Open office and you may save a lot of pennies

  Halmer 10:14 04 Dec 2005

I've downloaded that thanks and will have a look.

VOG My version of Office is old (97 or soemthing I think). I didn't update it when I bought the PC that I am on now. I bet I can't even find the disc!

  keewaa 10:17 04 Dec 2005

OpenOffice is highly recommended and a good threat to MS £300 office, for many user it will easily do all they ever need, and is compatible with MS office files.

  palinka 12:16 04 Dec 2005

Student and teacher is the full version sold at a discount to people whio can claim to be one of these. When you buy this version , initially all you get is a box conatining a certificate which you have to have signed/stamped by an educational establishment. You send that off and receive in the post the full set of disks that you otherwise would buy in the shop at considerably higher cost. So....if you are attending an evening class; have a child at school/university/etc or otherwise have a connection to an educational establishment so that you can get the signature/rubber stamp, you can buy the "student and teacher" version.

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