How Much Memory for XP?

  shaduf 21:24 16 Mar 2008

I have a three year old self built PC which has 1 Gb memory and is running XP.
I use it mainly for web surfing, Word, Excel and some photo manipulation and video editing.
Games are of no interest.
It could do with an XP reinstall after all this time and I was wondering if I would see the benefit of increasing the memory to 2 Gb.
Obviously I realise it is not a black and white request but I just wonder how you feel about it.
The cost of the required memory is £65.00. I wouldn’t hesitate but I have just looked in my previous PC and that ran XP OK and only has 516Mb.

  [email protected] 21:26 16 Mar 2008

For an XP machine that is just surfing the web and using Word, Excel etc then 1GB of RAM is more than enough.

I suggest you look at removing malware/junk and reducing the number of startup programs to speed things up a little.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:40 16 Mar 2008

of memory, open task manager - go to the 'Performance' tab and check the 'Commit Charge Peak' with the 'Physical Memory' Total. If the peak number is greater (or getting close to) than the physical memory, you could use some more. Best to check this after running the machine for a while, eg after a session of video editing.

  DieSse 00:00 17 Mar 2008

For average use, 256 MB is too little, 512KB is adequate, 1GB is great, 2GB is overkill.

  DieSse 00:01 17 Mar 2008

whoops a KB that should be an MB there - sorry.

  Totally-braindead 00:11 17 Mar 2008

Agree with DieSse. An increase above 1 gig would make a difference but would be small enough that you probably wouldn't notice the difference. For what you say you use it for, in my opinion, the outlay for the new memory is not worth it.

Better to spend the money on an external hard drive if you don't have one. And maybe a copy of Acronis True Image, or if you buy a Seagate external drive you could get Seagates free software which does much of what True Image does.

Or save the money towards your next PC.

  shaduf 20:31 17 Mar 2008

Many thanks for the response.
I do have several external hard drives mainly full of video edits.

Will look at the Seagate.
I will check as you suggest the next time I am video editing.

In the meantime I'll keep my money in my pocket.

Thanks again

  woodchip 20:35 17 Mar 2008

I say the same 2Gb is money down the drain in most cases. I only use 512mb on all my XP computers

Sorry desktops, XP laptop as 1Gb

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