How much of a memory upgrade do I need if any

  Simpav 14:23 21 Oct 2009


My Pc runs quite slowly at the moment and I am thinking of upgrading the RAM

In Task Manager under the performance tab I have the following figures, does this mean I will benefit from an upgrade and if so how much should I get.I currently have 512 MB.

Physical Memory

Total 523760
Available 174292
System Cache 239076

Kernal Memory

Total 106368
Paged 73868
Unpaged 32500

Commit charge

Total 606476
Limit 1278400
Peak 1073500

Processes 49

Commit/Charge 592M/1248M


  birdface 14:29 21 Oct 2009

Run the scanner.

click here

  Simpav 14:37 21 Oct 2009

Thanks Buteman, but the results don't really answer my question

Maximum Memory Capacity: 4194304 MB
Currently Installed Memory: 512 MB
Available Memory Slots: 3
Total Memory Slots: 4
Dual Channel Support: N.A.
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
CPU Family: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.93GHz Model 3, Stepping 4
CPU Speed: 2926 MHz

DDR PC3200

  Seth Haniel 14:39 21 Oct 2009

Vista needs a lot more than XP

  Simpav 14:43 21 Oct 2009


  Seth Haniel 15:26 21 Oct 2009

If you have a lot of programs opening at startup - and the likes of AVG - or Threatfire scanning in the background - try ctr-alt-del look in task mamager - processes and note what is using memory sytem idle should be around the 98 or 99 that is normal

  BT 16:35 21 Oct 2009 the Crucial scanner. it will tell you how much memory your Motherboard will take.
I recently installed a 1gb stick in my No 2 PC with Win2000, which my wife uses for Video editing and its made a big difference in the speed at which it renders Video. I had to remove the 2 original 256mb sticks as I think there is a fault in one of them otherwise it would probably be even faster.

  Diemmess 16:52 21 Oct 2009

512Mb is useable with XP, but adding more RAM brings in the Law Of Diminishing Returns.

Double your RAM should make a startling difference, better still if you want more than one application running at a time.

After that then each time you add more increments the improvement will be there, but less easy to spot the difference.

I believe it is true that actual time spent loading Windows will not change much whatever pile of RAM you install. It is when you set up a lot of work (like video or even picture editing) that the improvment will be best seen.

  Quiet Life 17:13 21 Oct 2009

Diemmess is correct. An extra 512Mb will mke a big difference after that not a lot. The Crucial scanner usually gives a graph of the likely benefits. Unfortunately old memory like yours is very much more expensive than current memory.

  Batch 17:17 21 Oct 2009

Looking at the figures supplied under commit charge (esp. the Peak figure) , if, at the time of producing the figures, your PC has been up for some time and used for your usual usage, then increasing to 1GB would be v. good. Going beyond that is unlikely to yield much in the way of further benefits.

  birdface 18:06 21 Oct 2009

I had the same as yourself 512mb on Xp Home.Upgraded to 2gb and I can hardly notice any difference.
Actually very disappointed in the result but it is an old computer and though there is hardly anything on it due to a recent reformat running security programs uses up most of the CPU and everything slows down.
To me it was a waste of money upgrading .

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