how much memory needed?

  palinka 19:26 13 Jan 2006

A friend says her mouse is slow and she sometimes has problems shutting down. Someone had suggested it might be caused by spyware but I've suggested some basic steps like: cleaning the mouse; deleting temp internet files & cookies (she ran Adaware before contacting me and found 65 cookies); emptying the recycle bin & deleted files in OE; checking how much "memory hungry" stuff she has on the C drive (eg lots of family pictures); running Disk Cleaner and defrag & finally using Spybot S&D and a2. This list was dictated by fact that I think she has limited experience.
She's now sent me this info-the OS is XP with SP2
Intel Pentium 111 processor ,701 MHz, 512 MB of RAM. Could this spec be partly the cause of her

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:28 13 Jan 2006

What op sys? XP?

Shutdown problems
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  bluto1 20:22 13 Jan 2006

palinka, I`m not sure that extra RAM will help. It`s always good to have as much as you can, but it`s not going to make much difference to shutting down. As long as you`ve done an AV scan, SpyBot and AdAware you should be OK. I`d also try CCleaner. Also there may be programmes running in the background. I`m no expert and I hope someone who is helps out.

  palinka 23:08 13 Jan 2006

Thank you both. I had thought the most likely cause of her problems was all sort of gunk acquired over time soI'm waiting to see whether the clean-up that I'd described improved things. Then she wrote listing her PC's spec and I wondered if that in itself looked reasonable; but as bluto1 says we don't know what she has running. Thanks for those sites, Fruit Bat /\0/\; I'll take a look and advise her accordingly

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