How much memory can u use in Windows 98 se

  Sisha 18:52 20 Apr 2003

I am having problems with my stuttering PC.
Thinking about it, this problem seems to have started since I installed 512mb(was originaly 256mb) of DDR RAM( I have tried different sticks but never any less than 256, which worked fine!).
I have recently herd that windows 98se has real problems with memory over a certain amount. Could this be what has been causing the problem?
Is the OS just not capable of running this amount of memory effectively?

  LastChip 18:55 20 Apr 2003
  BrianW 18:55 20 Apr 2003

You should be able to run 512mb without problem.

  Sisha 19:09 20 Apr 2003

I'm not totaly convinced but thanks all.
If this is all correct then I think I need to find an old copy of BIOS for my MSI MoBo. Its the only other thing I changed on the whole system

  slaveofconvention 20:12 20 Apr 2003

Windows 98 will use more than 256, but it doesnt do it "properly".

Windows 98SE can only "cache" 256MB of memory, that is, it "knows" what is where when you have up to 256MB. If you go over this, windows has to effectively search the memory for what it needs. The time it takes to do this searching can easily wipe out the time saved by having the extra.

If you do a lot of high size, print quality graphics work with something like Photoshop, you may well benefit, but for everyday, "I want to use 10 applications at once" use, it probably wont help.

  Megatyte 20:19 20 Apr 2003

The recommended maximum for 98 is 512 Mb. You can use more but virtual memory will have to be re-configured. Windows Me and XP supports 4Gb.



  crx16 20:22 20 Apr 2003

the same applies to win95/98/ME click here (512MB)

  ton 20:24 20 Apr 2003

Been using 512mB for about 18 months with Win98SE. No problems at all.

  Megatyte 20:41 20 Apr 2003

From click here

Is there a limit to how memory I can add? There are limits. The number of memory slots is one constraint. Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows 98SE users should stick to no more than 512MB. Windows ME and Windows XP support up to 4GB. There may be other limiting factors imposed by your computer or motherboard. If you use the Crucial Memory Selector, however, it will inform you of your system limit on the same page that lists the compatible memory modules.

  crx16 21:05 20 Apr 2003

the MS-KB article explains it clearly(posted earlier)

here's another click here also gives references to the MS-KB.

only NT versions of windows support 4GB.winME isnt an NT version its 9x.

  Megatyte 21:14 20 Apr 2003

What makes you think that Micro$oft knows anything about it? ;-)

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