How much memory?

  ivy lynn-251214 13:42 05 Jan 2004

My PC is 1.4GHZ,how much additional memory can I add?. There are two spare slots

  Jester2K 13:44 05 Jan 2004

You might need to provide more information.

Which version of Windows?

How much do you have?

What motherboard model?

  Terrahawk 13:44 05 Jan 2004

depends on your operating system and your motherboard little more info please

  Lozzy 13:46 05 Jan 2004

what you need to do is ascertain what type and manufacturer your motherboard is then go to that web site and it will tell you the max ram allowed on your motherboard. If you have the manual it will tell you in there. To ascertain the motherboard data click here and run Belarc its free.

  ivy lynn-251214 14:09 05 Jan 2004

Hi guys
I have WIM ME, and an ABIT KT7A Raid motherboard
No additional memory has been added yet, but I'm waiting for delivery of 512MB from Novatec,when I spoke to a sales person at another vendor, they said that 512 was the maxium amount of addional RAM I could add on 14GHZ.

But the sales person at Novatec said I could add more.I intend to use the 512 RAM this time,as it is now ordered, but I was wondering about this for future reference.

  Jester2K 14:15 05 Jan 2004

click here

You may expereicen problems with more thwn 512 Mb RAM under Win Me..

See also click here

  Terrahawk 14:15 05 Jan 2004

click here will give you an overview

  Jester2K 14:20 05 Jan 2004

The maximum you can use has nothing to do with the processor speed but is primarily to do with the max the MoBo will support (in this case Supports up to 1.5GB of PC100/PC133 SDRAM) and then what the OS will take (suggested max under Me is 512 mb)

  ivy lynn-251214 15:00 05 Jan 2004

Thanks Guys

I need to ask you all, do you think it is advisable to go ahead with upgading memory from 512, to add another 512MB, or could I be asking for trouble.
When I bought this PC I just assumed I would be able to upgrade the memory, I need more memory or a new PC.........HELP

  Jester2K 15:01 05 Jan 2004

I think you need to try it and see what happens. I wouldn't expect it to work though...

If you have much more than 512mb memory, you are into the realms of the law of diminishing returns.Personally I would spend the money towards a graphic card upgrade.

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