KARINA 19:01 30 May 2003

I was just wondering by looking at the price of ink cartridges - how many mls of ink is there in each some of the HP ink cartridges actually tell you that there are so many mls of ink in their cartridge......what about Epson and Canon for eg how many mls of ink are there in these cartridges and how long do they there some sort of table i can look at to put my mind to rest when buying an inkjet printer that can answer my question........and can buying compatible cartridges ruin your printer or does it not make any difference..............

  961 19:24 30 May 2003

The basic answer to your question is....not a lot

It may be helpful to say that unless you are after the very best photographic output then it is a good idea to use compatible cartridges IF they include a print head. This means buy an HP printer and use compatible cartridges. You get a new print head with every cartridge. You won't damage the printer and the cost will fall dramatically

If you use Epsom or a similar printer where the print head is actually part of the printer, then things are a little different, because if the compatible ink messes up the printer the thing is broken big time

  Stuartli 19:29 30 May 2003

I have an eight-year-old Canon BJC 600e printer which uses four cartridges - black (single or double capacity types), cyan, magenta and yellow.

It is as quiet and reliable as the day I bought it (£364 at Makro!) even or despite the fact I have used JR refill ink or compatible cartridges ever since the Canon originals ran out.

So if you use quality compatible refill inks or cartridges you need have no qualms about "ruining" your printer - just add up the staggering financial savings over the months and years compared to originals.

  Stuartli 19:32 30 May 2003


I've also used the compatible cartridges supplied by the Cartridge Club - a very efficient supplier with excellent prices (click here).

  pj123 20:12 30 May 2003

My choice would be to buy an Epson printer. I have three Epson printers on three computers and I always buy compatible inks from click here have never ever had any problems and also Choice Stationery have a guarantee that if any of their inks damage your printer they will collect and repair/or replace your printer free of charge. Can't say fairer than that. Also ink for Epson printers is the cheapest (like £2.50 per cartridge for unchipped and £5.00 for chipped cartridges), against £15.00 or £21.00 for other printers. The latest printer I have is an Epson C70 and I have printed at least 600 pages with colour and black and the ink levels have hardly moved.

  Granger 20:32 30 May 2003

You'll save yourself a fortune if you completely ignore "printer low on ink messages". My HP 960c detects when 5% of the ink has been used and then prompts me to replace the cartridges.

  scousehow 20:33 30 May 2003

i bought an epson printer sept 1999 used compatables ever since never had aproblem.

  KARINA 20:44 30 May 2003

What is the difference between chipped and unchipped.............i thought all ink cartridges were built in the same way..........

  KARINA 20:48 30 May 2003

Do they still do Epson C70's any sister-in-law has an epson stylus 830 and she swears that the ink did not last very long and she thinks it uses too much ink.....saying that......there must be some sort of tables that does compare the use of ink between printers............somewhere

  KARINA 20:53 30 May 2003

I thought i'd let you know even though it's not a part of this discussion.........just browsing today and saw the HP 5550 for only £49.95 from is that a bargain or what.......mind you, i would never buy a HP

  csqwared 21:19 30 May 2003


Chipped or unchipped - the chipped cartridges have a small chip to which monitors the amount of ink left - allegedly. As I understand things, if you try to refill a chipped cartridge it wont work because the chip hasn't been re-programmed to tell it the cartridge is now full. However I have seen software advertised for about £25 that will get round that, can't remember where though. I have always used compatibles with my Epson 62 - no probs.


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