How much free space for an OS to run smoothly

  mooly 07:35 19 Jul 2009

How much free space is normally required for an operating system to run smoothly ?
If the OS and applications and data etc take say 25gb what would be a safe minimum partition size ?

  Taff™ 08:33 19 Jul 2009

There are two limitations that spring to mind - Swap File size and the space needed for successful Defragmentation. The Swap file should generally be 1.5 - 2 times the physical RAM so if you have 2GB Ram you need at least 4GB for the swap file. click here

Defragmentation on Windows recommends at least 15% free space to work successfully. So if you take the above scenario 25 + 4 = 29 GB and add roughly 15% say 4.5 Gb gives you 33.5 Gb. Then I would round that up to 35 Gb to allow for temporary file build up and additional data.

  mooly 11:32 19 Jul 2009

Thanks, that explains it well. Better safe than sorry I guess.

  LastChip 11:51 19 Jul 2009

you use Linux and you won't need half of that!

  David4637 13:10 19 Jul 2009

I have a partition drive -
C: for OS XP Total Size 11 GB, currently used 6GB for applications.
This has worked well for 4-5 years.
NOTE - I ALSO USE ACRONIS, which as you should know, is the answer to the maidens prayer. David

  GaT7 13:32 19 Jul 2009

Taff's suggestion of 35Gb for 25Gb is a good one, though I'd personally go for 40Gb - especially if it's Vista/Win7.

I feel it also depends on the OS, e.g. XP needs less than Vista/Win7. I've successfully run XP on a 10-15Gb partition (like David4637) & Win7 RC on a 20Gb partition, with no noticeable slowdown (I think they recommend at least 30Gb for Vista/Win7). And that's the hard disk space for the OS only - I have my data on another hard disk / partition.

One of the biggest performance slowdowns I've found is an OS disk/partition that's nearing it's full capacity. G

  mooly 18:03 19 Jul 2009

"NOTE - I ALSO USE ACRONIS, which as you should know, is the answer to the maidens prayer."
Can't argue with that one and in fact I've even got restore points turned off.
It is Vista I was referring to, running on a 53gb partition which these days is quite modest. Have a similar sized "D" partition as a well (notebook) which is mainly used for the Acronis backups.
Must invest at some point in separate HDD for that.

  woodchip 18:05 19 Jul 2009

I would say about 50Gb in all for OS Partition

  David4637 14:02 20 Jul 2009

You say about 50Gb in all for OS Partition, is that purely the OS, or does it include data as well, cause it seems very large compared to my OS partitioned drive of 11 GB, which has worked very well for 3-4-years? Thanks David

  woodchip 14:52 20 Jul 2009

You can use smaller Partition Sizes, for Operating System. But do not forget that when you load programs that files also get added to the OS Partition not just Registry items, Plus you need free space for windows to work, If you do Photo or Video Editing this can take up some room when working on them.
I said the above as I do not now your needs or what you intend to use it for in the future

  David4637 21:04 20 Jul 2009

I use it for video editting and image enhancement using Photoshop V7. David

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