How much does Orange mobile broadband cost?

  dougle00 23:27 11 Apr 2007

Hi anyone tell me how much Orange broadband costs? I would be using it in foreign countries in Europe and was wondering if there is an additional cost.

Anyone enlighten me?


  Kate B 23:57 11 Apr 2007
  dougle00 10:57 13 Apr 2007

Thanks for the link Kate, any chance of being a bit more specific? I am aware Orange have a website and have visited it. However I cannot find a foreign pricing page.

  johndrew 11:42 13 Apr 2007

click here

If you scroll to the bottom of the link you can e-mail with your question. They are reasonably quick and accurate with their replies, but if you are unhappy or want more information hit them again and they tend to push the request upward.

  Kate B 13:25 13 Apr 2007

I doubt anyone here can answer your question. You need to ring them if you can't find the answer on the website. As far as I'm aware, none of us is an Orange salesperson.

  SpaceAce 13:48 13 Apr 2007

As a current subscriber to Orange broadband, I would seriously recommend that you don't do it. We were with the old Freeserve, then it became Wanadoo and then Orange. Gone from good, to good and now to frankly appalling. The service is awful, the advertised 'up to 8MB' is nothing of the sort (I rarely get more than 0.5MB and frequently slower than my old dial-up) and the technical support people are completely and utterly inept and talk total cxxp to get you to call in again the next day (on their premium phone line of course).

As soon as my wife has finished her University course we are going to switch broadband suppliers. Why don't we switch now? Well, at present, we simply can't risk several weeks of downtime when Orange screw up the transfer of service. Look at the web forums. Their reputation is dreadful.


  dougle00 15:11 13 Apr 2007

Thanks Space, may have to re-evaluate my thinking with Orange. Thanks again.

Kate there is no need to be pompus, I am looking for comments like space's who have had experience with mobile broadband.

What sort of helpful comment is "no Orange salespersons here"? If that sarcastic type of comment is what users expect on this forum, The forum is rapidly on the decline.

  Woolwell 16:10 13 Apr 2007

Well there is always the other side to SpaceAce's experience. I too have been with Freeserve (almost from the beginning) through to Orange. I get 2Mb on an advertised 2MB service and it rarely drops. There are many reasons why people do not get the advertised speed (note it is always up to) and most of the problems stem from distnce from exchange and line quality. I am now on their combined mobile/broadband package which is fine for me. Agree that technical support could be better and are ok if you use their supplied modems (Speedtouch or Livebox) but cannot/will not help if you a different modem/router. However I am not sure that they are any worse than other ISP support - see complaints about them.

Having said that I am sure that there are better suppliers. Zen for one is often highly recommended.

Using broadband overseas? Broadband is normally tied to a specific phone line. When travelling I pop into an internet cafe to read my e-mails. I can use my mobile overseas at a cost.

  Totally-braindead 16:18 13 Apr 2007

Woolwell I wondered the same as you. I thought the BB was tied to the phone line and therefore couldn't comment.

  dougle00 16:19 13 Apr 2007

Hi guys, no, you can get mobile broadband via your mobile. Problem is it is very expensive to take it to Europe.

  Woolwell 16:26 13 Apr 2007


Now it is coming clear what you want. Broadband on a mobile is different. The Orange site should have your answers
click here
and click here

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