How much does bandwidth cost?

  jtt 13:10 03 Oct 2006

Someone asked me how much it costs big companies like Microsoft to download security updates, etc. I said I didn't know, but knew where to ask. How much does it cost a big company per Gbyte?

  Stuartli 13:48 03 Oct 2006

Microsoft's servers will upload security updates etc...:-)

The download system i.e yours or mine is responsible for the bandwidth being used.

  jtt 13:54 04 Oct 2006

Sorry, that's what I mean. How much does it cost someone like Microsoft when a user downloads a Gbyte?

  sean-278262 13:58 04 Oct 2006

For a company like microsoft not a lot per Gb but when you consider that over half of all computers use microsoft and each person needs say 250mb per year thats a hell of a lot. Probably in the region of millions of dolars. However I dont think microsoft publicise it. The would use terabytes of data so the rate would be low for bulk usage but overall a small fortune.

  ArrGee 14:04 04 Oct 2006

As Stuartli has said, Microsoft position updates on their servers. It's then the onus of the downloader in terms of costs.

If, for instance, you placed a file/application on your PC, and you are on a peer-to-peer network (such as Limewire), I could download that to my PC without any cost to you.

The only cost incurred could be to me, for my download size limit. If the size of the file is larger than the agreed limit with my broadband provider, I would incur a cost.

So, in essence, it doesn't really cost Microsoft anymore than the server connections they have put in place.

  jbaker65 14:48 04 Oct 2006

I would estimate about £5 an inch.

  SANTOS7 15:10 04 Oct 2006

click here
might help..

  jtt 12:48 09 Oct 2006

ArrGee: I get the feeling that people like Microsoft do have to pay. If I said to BT, OK, I'm going to connect to your network and potentially send terrabytes of information over it, I wouldn't have thought they'd say, certainly, not charge!

  sean-278262 14:57 09 Oct 2006

click here

That is how the web is organised. Microsoft is the equivalent of the blue dots by the top right. Basically their computers are there and anyone can connect to them as such. It is quite hard to explain but you can potetially be routed from one server in the middle to a final destination (happens most of the time) and this is what makes the web fast as it allows the path that is less busy and faster to be used if another path is busy.

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