How much do you think my laptop is worth?

  Dell latitude 18:49 19 Jul 2006

I no there has been another post about this click here

but could you tell me how much my dell it worth, becuase i am thinking of selling it.

Ok heres the specs:

CPU: Mobile Intel Pentium 4-M (2.40ghz) 400FSB

Ram: 2x 512mb ram (PC 2700) = 1gb Ram

Screen Size: 15.1 Inch SXGA 1400x1050 Screen resolution

Graphics Card Nvidia Quadro4 700gl Go (64mb)

Hard Drive: 120Gb (5400rpm) Hard Drive

Cd Drive: DVD-RW Drive

Battery: Can Have 2 batteries or 1 (second goes in media bay) 1x battery = 2.5 hours 2x = 5 Hours

Ports: 2x usb 1.1 ports
2x Pcmcia slots

External Monitor Port

ps2 connection port

S-Video Port

The laptop can have another optical drive e.g another cd drive in the media bay instead of the battery, also can have a floppy zip aor a second hard drive.

Wireless: Has a Mini Pci Card (Intel 2200 B/G) 54Mbps

thanks for all help

  Diodorus Siculus 19:01 19 Jul 2006

What make and model?

What operating system?

I presume it is a Dell Latitude but one never can tell :-)

  Jackcoms 19:54 19 Jul 2006

I hope we're not now going to get a string of "how much is my xxxx worth?" threads.

This one is somewhat better spec than the other one.


  Dell latitude 20:03 19 Jul 2006

windows xp sp2

  SG Atlantis® 20:07 19 Jul 2006

As much as someone wants to pay.

Try for the hundred mark.... or something and accept anything close to it.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:53 19 Jul 2006

Dell latitude - your problem is that people can pick up a new Dell laptop for about £300 these days so will not want to be concerned with a second hand purchase.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:21 19 Jul 2006

100 squid tops.


  sean-278262 00:11 20 Jul 2006

Put the thing in the local paper and ask for £300 ONO. It being a dell dont expect more than 150 though as the market is flooded with the flaming things.

Personally I sold a system of about the same specs (just a bit lower) for 340 last year as I had no idea what it was worth so bunged it in the paper at 400 and a week later it was gone! I was shocked. My system is to put it in way above and say open to offers and then drop the price a bit each week till it goes.

Extras such as tuner cards and cheapo stuff like cleaning cloths and USB light dongles also are good bargaining tools and make the machine stand out a bit more.


  Jak_1 00:28 20 Jul 2006

Given that both desktop and laptop prices have fallen dramatically over the last couple of years this reflects also on the second hand market. Why buy second hand when you can get new at a very reasonable cost and all the warranties etc.

The demand for high spec machines is still in the realms of the enthusiast (and industry) and they will buy new.

Put it on ebay and see what you can get and have done with it.

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