How much cooler are you running?

  Legolas 18:50 01 Feb 2003

I have just ordered two Round IDE cables and one round floppy cable from ebuyer, does anyone have them in their system and if so how much cooler is your system running compared to the ribbon cables.

  cream. 19:02 01 Feb 2003

I put some in a system I had about 18 months ago. It had a soltek board with a AMD 1400+ M.P. 512 sdram and 2x40 gig hard drives. I got mine from a computer fair and I think I paid £10-£15 for the set.

I did check temp's against ordinary ribbon cables but found only a difference of one or to degrees C.

I was asked if I would sell it and was offered £200 more than it cost to build. Bye bye computer.

The thing I liked about them was that they did make the innards of the system extremely tidy.

I have on a couple of occasions split an ordinary ide cable down the spine with a trimming knife. You can get the same result, but they are never as tidy. Plus the success rate ain't good as the slightest deviation and you have a knackered ide cable. lol

  Legolas 19:15 01 Feb 2003

The reason I am putting them in my system is more for room than getting the system to run cooler although if you look at the hype on the sites where they are being sold they would lead you to believe that you system will run much cooler. The three cables plus postage from ebuyer were £12.33 not a bad price I thought other sites I visited had them from anywhere between £6 and £15 for IDE and £4 to £5 for the floppy cable so ebuyer was definately the cheapest I could find

  Rayuk 19:24 01 Feb 2003

Have had the ones from ebuyer no problems whatsoever,but with having cdrom cdrw and 2 hard drives on raid card inside the pc still a mess.[4 eide cables + floppy]Was lucky enough to find 25cm single rounded cables[perfect for the job,if a little expensive]

  Legolas 19:29 01 Feb 2003

Rayuk did your system run any cooler?

  cream. 19:30 01 Feb 2003


Well you will not be disappointed once you have them installed. The whole insides do look much neater with these. I think this is a good price.

When I got mine they were new on the market and because I got such a good deal with the board , cpu and memory from the fair I felt extravagant and got the cables.

My mates h\d has gone belly up and his cdrw ( 8-4-32) is on it's last legs so we are off to ebuyer for replacements. Funny I feel that I have a spending rush coming on myself.

Now, shall I treat myself?

  Legolas 19:35 01 Feb 2003

I bet you will ;-)

  Rayuk 19:50 01 Feb 2003

Have recently done serious upgrade mobo/cpu/ram/slk800 heat sink and swapped over all at the same time so have no figures to compare.But the fact the space is there for the air to circulate and be able to work in comfort inside the case is enough for me.

  Legolas 21:51 01 Feb 2003


  tran1 21:57 01 Feb 2003

why don't they just make some sort of mini refridgerator to go inside the case? LOL

  tran1 21:58 01 Feb 2003

or Air conditioning UNIT?

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