How much is this computer worth?

  Callum-CustomPC 19:22 12 Feb 2012

It's 8 months old now, and it's a custom build.

AMD Phenom x6 6 core CPU @ 3.3Ghz (I can possibly OC this to 3.6GHz safely)
8GB Corsair Vengeance Ram @ 1600MHz
Biostar 890FXE Motherboard
Windows 7 Ultimate
Sapphire HD 5770 1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
600W Corsair CX Series PSU
Corsair H70 Water Cooling system
48x Sony DVD RW
500GB Seagate HDD 7200RPM
Cooler master Elite 430 case with 3x Arctic Cooling 120mm fans

This system also has a fan speed adjuster in the 3.5" bay at the front of the computer.

  Callum-CustomPC 00:30 13 Feb 2012
  KRONOS the First 03:34 13 Feb 2012

As a builder myself I can appreciate your question but I can tell you now that your components will not be worth as much as you would like. I belong to another forum which has a Marketplace section and after a certain amount of posts this becomes open and i buy and sell components there rather than Ebay because there is no fees etc. Generally the rules are the minimum you will need to discount is a third. Then you need to include postage which is normally recorded delivery. To give you some idea I am currently selling my Silverstone FT02R-W for £140 + courier this case cost me £204 + delivery last August.

I will come back with some prices, it's a little early or rather late.LOL.

  Callum-CustomPC 10:53 13 Feb 2012

Thank you for the response

  KRONOS the First 11:18 13 Feb 2012

Mobo £45-50 providing you have all the boxed bits.

GPU £50-55

RAM £28

PSU £30-35

DVD £5

HDD £30-35

Cooler £35-40

CPU £80-90

Case £20-25

Win 7 £70-75

total £388-420inc of postage.

Hopefully if you are splitting your rig you kept all boxes,user manuals, cables etc. Obviously you may well do better than the above prices but unfortunately most items are old before you even by them. Of course you could probably sell it to mate for a little bit more but if you flog the parts on Ebay these days you will have to factor in the fees ,which are getting a bit steep particularly when you add PayPal's fees(also owned by Ebay.

  Terry Brown 15:47 13 Feb 2012

On the subject of anything used, the price is what someone is willing to pay for it.

There is one problem you may not of thought of:

As it is custom built (by you?), there is no guarantee with the system and any future repairs (upgrades) will not be standard. i.e. The buyer cannot refer to a manual or manufacturer for advise.

Why do you want to sell the system after less than a year?, are you unhappy with it's performance?, or you want something better (or just the money?)


  finerty 17:28 14 Feb 2012

as Dell boy would say lovely jublee i tell u what i give you tenner for the whole lot

  finerty 16:27 15 Feb 2012

like fools and horse's sings No VAT No Guarantee

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