how much to charge for designing a website

  daisy2bell 10:54 14 Dec 2006

I have been asked to design and maintain a website.
The person who asked me is elderly and is an artist with many poems, verses, paintings etc which she wants on the website.
This is going to be quite a large project. She would also want me to be her agent as she has no one else.
As I said she is elderly, so the last thing I want to do is charge over the odds.
So can anyone give me some idea as to what fee(s) I could charge.
I realise this is like asking how long a piece of string is. But some rough guide would do.

  Sethhaniel 13:43 14 Dec 2006

already has web space allocated for you to use - and if you want to do it as a learning experience helping a friend / or as a business task

I have put up a site for a friend photographer/painter and though I have put many hours in both at home and at his house the pages now number over 100 - with multiple images on each page -

with a simple formula I have managed to duplicate the web pages so that the only change is the link and the pictures so saving some time

and my ideas have been accepted and not to fancy
as for payment - it depends on how much of your freetime it is going to take - with me it has filled in a bit of time - and I enjoyed doing it - plus work at his house uploading and editing - while socializing with a couple of beers and watching Youtube inbetween

I have accepted £20 - after the first major upload of site - and he has got me a bottle of Southern Comfort for my christmas - as a way of thanks -

The project is on going as he will always have more photographs - paintings to put up -

Judging by your client it may be that you have to photograph/scan the paintings for the site or scan or type in the poetry - unless she already has them on file for simple cut and paste ?

Luckily me friend has the photos all editied and in strips just ready for the pages - with me only having to make some Animated gifs from them for some pages

So wether you want to make it a labour of Love - or just labour

the site click here

as to poetry I have just put my late Grandfathers WW1 poetry up at click here

  daisy2bell 14:33 14 Dec 2006

I will have to organise webspace domain name.
Photograghs poetry and paintings will all have to be scanned. There is some music that I have to input using a notation programme.
It is actualy a major prject.
I want to do it as a business task, and just need a rough guide as to what fee is acceptable, but not over the top

  Forum Editor 19:17 14 Dec 2006

is in your last sentence:

"I want to do it as a business task"

If you really mean that you must put all thoughts about the age of your client to one side, and concentrate on calculating a fee for the job. Later on, if you want to discount the resulting total for one reason or another you can do so - that's for you to decide, but start from the basis of the business task.

Initially you'll have to decide what you need to earn per day/week/month to make it all worthwhile, and again that's for you to decide. There's no point in looking at what others might charge, and I never do that, ever. Once you have your required earnings figure you need to calculate how long the work will take. Be realistic, think it through, stage by stage. I can tell you that most people wildly underestimate the time it can take to develop a large website, and they end up making little or nothing from it. Don't fall into the trap of thinking "That's far too expensive, she'll never pay that", because once you start working that way you're on thin ice.

It's better to lose a properly-costed job than it is to be lumbered with something that you under-priced. Working for nothing is not something I recommend.

I haven't mentioned any figures because there's no point. If you're happy working for £50 a day then cost it on that basis. If you need £100 a day to survive then cost it like that. Work out your price and let it sit for 24 hours. Mull the whole thing over, design the site in your head, going through all the steps to see if you've forgotten something. Then, and only then, write up your quotation. Leave nothing out - make sure your client knows exactly what she'll get for her money, and what she won't. Don't, under any circumstances, flinch from this routine, it's the single most important thing you'll do. Weeks later, when memories become selective, and the client makes that old, familar statement "Oh, I thought that was included", you'll be able to point to your quotation - there can be no argument, and less chance of a loss of goodwill.

Good luck.

  daisy2bell 20:35 14 Dec 2006

Thanks FE, certainly food for thought

  quack 21:41 18 Dec 2006

Words of wisdom yet again from FE. I fell into a situation very similar to the faced by Daisy2bell. With the result that I designed a website for a very nice old gentleman and got stuck with the management of the site from then on. I felt at the time that I didn't want to charge anything for the site and did all the work for free but it has taken literally hours of my time to maintain it as he continually finds extra bits and pieces he wants added. I feel that I cannot charge him for any work whatsoever having already set a precedent, I don't really mind but suffice to say I will never do it again.
Follow FEs advice and get everything sorted in advance.

  daisy2bell 22:08 18 Dec 2006

quack: Point taken.Thanks

  acsmanhtml12 14:51 20 Dec 2006

1) Decide wether you are going to charge for service like template = x
2)charge a reseanoble amount an hour,it really depends as to how much work you put in, how the site is layed out and a lot more
I think its down to preference but I know most choose 1.

  daisy2bell 15:06 20 Dec 2006

Thanks acsmanhtml12

I started 9 mths ago on webpage design and took on a school site. I have learnt a lot and they are pleased. No charge but they will (I hope) give me a nomial amount aftewards to maintain it (say £15 per hour).

As a result I got another school job hich I charged £175 and this incudes as much consultation needed to get it right.

I am now doing a charity site (for a small sum - when I've finished) and and this is a bigger project as now I am running it as a model customer activitiy with consultations and including accessibility built in.

All xhtml strict and CSS.

Wife's getting a bit agitated though as it takes a lot of time!

  2neat 19:57 23 Dec 2006


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