How much is all this worth?

  SteveW1985 13:24 31 Mar 2006

My PC in my room is gathering dust as I don't use it anymore.

Had it since September 2000

It consists of a Samtron 14 inch monitor.

HP 843C Printer

Packard Bell scanner

Emachines 700mhz Celeron DVD processor 64 mb ram, 20 gb hard disk.

Does anyone know how much I'd get for all this combined or how much each part is worth? PS don't tell me to look on ebay!

  ACOLYTE 13:29 31 Mar 2006

I would say £100,it is a very low spec pc by todays standards so if i got £100 i would be happy.

  anchor 13:50 31 Mar 2006

With such a low spec, if I got £100 I would be ecstatic!.

Look what you can get new for £150, (with 1 yr warranty).

click here

A 15" CRT monitor is available for £20 from here:

click here

Low spec printers and scanners are quite cheap these days.

  SteveW1985 13:56 31 Mar 2006

Wow! Those links you provided really show how much computers change in 6 years. Where's the best places I could try and get these parts rid of to?

  terryf 13:59 31 Mar 2006

I will give you tuppence ha'penny for it:-)

  Tony275 14:10 31 Mar 2006

terryf is teasing you,it's worth half what he say's :-)

  spuds 14:12 31 Mar 2006

Six years old and low specifications.Computer including monitor, both in working order, about £40/£50. Scanner and printer in good working order, about £20/£25.

click here

  Pineman100 15:23 31 Mar 2006

People can estimate its value until the cows come home, but you still have to find someone who's interested in buying it - no matter how cheap. And that may not be easy.
As it's worth so little, why not donate it to charity? click here for more information.

  SG Atlantis® 18:51 31 Mar 2006


  Ray5776 23:40 31 Mar 2006

As much as that SG Atlantis! around here you have to give the dustmen a couple of quid to take them.


  Stuartli 23:44 31 Mar 2006

As Pineman100 points out, it's worth exactly what anyone is prepared to pay.

To be frank, it's very little as the IT world has advanced considerably in between whilst, at the same time, prices have dropped substantially.

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