how mp3 players work

  whizza 22:12 12 Jul 2003

k im goin on holiday and need a mp3 player to listen to on the plane

do u make a cd with mp3's on and then put that disk in the mp3 player ??? i have no idea how they work any 1 recommend a gud 1??

  Despicable Desperado 22:16 12 Jul 2003

You have two options - buy a portable cd player that supports mp3s or buy a dedicated mp3 player. There is a whole heap of both so search the web and take your pick. FYI you can buy a Goodmans cd player that will play mp3 encoded discs for about £40.

  bruno 22:52 12 Jul 2003

I have bought the Goodmans recommended above for use in the garden and it is very good value.You just record your choice of records using something like CD Creator and convert them to MP3.I play them on random and that gives you a good mix.If you convert at 192kbs you can get 125 plus tunes on one Cd-About 8 hours.

  BeForU 04:22 13 Jul 2003

its best to also get one that is compatible with CDRW discs as well so that you can reuse the same cdrw disc all over again to add more or different tracks! saves you wasting cdr's as well!

a good mp3 player that i also have is the Panasonic SL-SX425 CD MP3/WMA! plays both MP3s and WMA files as well and is also CDRW compatible! i got this for £40 from Comet as well and its very good!

  powerless 04:37 13 Jul 2003

Three is disked MP3 players and solid MP3 player.

Disk - A hard drive or CD

Solid - Solid (no moving parts) type of storage.

Something like, Apples Ipod is a hard disk based MP3 player, loads of storage, good looking and pricey click here

Solid click here not as much storage, smaller and cheaper.

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