How to move a rescue partition.

  john bunyan 21:29 15 Jan 2014

A young relatives' Toshiba Satellite laptop was repaired some time ago from a crash. It has a 500 gig Disc. If I look at the partitions there is , now, a very small unlabelled boot sector, then a 100 or so system (C) partition, then on the immediate right of that a "D" rescue partition of about 35 gig, with the balance to the right as a data "F" partition. A couple of times for obscure reasons the F drive has disappeared and the D drive filled. I have as a temporary measure unlabelled the D (rescue) partition so at least is does not show in Windows explorer, and recovered the lost F partition. I need help to move the wretched rescue partition either to the front (after the boot sector) or the far right (after the F -data- drive. As it contains, presumably, the OEM info, I though of making an ATI image of this dive on an external USB drive, then formatting it and merging it with the C drive, then creating a new rescue , unlabelled partition in one of the alternate places, ant the putting the image on that. Any simper suggestions would be very welcome . I have Easus Partition Magic (Free) and Windows 7.This problem is to do with system restore settings I believe, but I really would like to solve it.

  john bunyan 21:33 15 Jan 2014

PS another way, maybe, would be to copy the F - Data partitions to a usb drive, then format it and somehow move the rescue partition to the far right, and then re- import the data into a new, middle, F Drive?

  BRYNIT 21:54 15 Jan 2014

It is not advisable to move these partitions. Usually these laptops us a boot program or recovery disk to allow the computer to be restored to factory default. If you move or resize these partitions the recovery/restore program will not be able to find these recovery files.

  john bunyan 22:22 15 Jan 2014


I agree not to touch the boot sector. However if one has a ATI Image of the C Drive, surely this could replace the recovery partition? Having it between the C drive and the Data partition makes it impossible to expand the C partition?

  BRYNIT 22:56 15 Jan 2014

Sometimes these computers have a system reserve partition usually about 100mb before the C drive this stores the boot files. Just take an image of the C: partition may not work.

  john bunyan 09:45 16 Jan 2014

There is a "untouchable" boot sector at the beginning. Having thought about it, I intend to: 1.Make an ATI image on a USB drive. 2.Create ATI recue CD. 3. Delete the "D" drive 4. Expand the "C" drive into the space created.(Not touching the boot sector at all.)

The ATI image will, in effect, replace the rescue disk and will also have the windows updates and other installed programmes. At worst I could buy a W7 Sp1 Disk.

Anyone see why not to do this - the D drive has, I suspect, caused trouble by somehow filling up with data?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:44 16 Jan 2014

I've done a similar thing on my Medion

C: system D: tools E: recovery - F: second HDD - G: DVD H: DVDRW

Copied all the partitions using Acronis so I can put it back to original state.

Deleted D: and E: and merged into C:

Reimage C and F with Acronis every week. had to restore once (when trialing Norton) without any problems.

  john bunyan 10:51 16 Jan 2014

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Thanks; I will do the same as you. A complication is that I am doing it by Teamviewer on a granddaughter's PC at Uni. Nil Desperandum, will give it a go.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:07 16 Jan 2014

Make sure she has backed up all her work first :0)

good luck

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