How many of you (OT)

  Aspman 13:25 26 Jun 2003

are IT workers or just very IT literate and have to spend evenings and weekends fending off request for computer related help from friends family and other people you hardly know?

I got phoned up by my friends, parents neighbours the other day asking me to set up their new pc for them. I've never spoken to these people in my life but I'm now expected to be on call for their PC.

Its bad enough when its people I know are demanding me to fix thems for them.

The worst thing I find is that if I actually do give some advice or fix something I seem to enter into some sort of guarentee / contract where I become responsable for their equipment after that.

I'm sure if I asked my supermarket manager mate to come round and arrange the food on my shelves he'd tell me to get stuffed.

Just wondering if others get the same thing so I know I'm not the only one ranting!!

  Magik ®© 13:27 26 Jun 2003

while you are here, i seem to be having trouble with my.................. :-))

  y_not 13:33 26 Jun 2003

When asked to try and recover data on a very sick HDD.

Buy a new one, I'll fit it as the m"aster and see what we can get off of the old one" (set as a slave) was the instructions.

The guy (who I hardly knew) sent his wife out the next day for a new HDD. That evening I turned up to fit it and got a right ear-bashing off of her because it had cost her 80 quid!

I recovered all his data, was promised a bottle of whiskey (which never arrived) and I've never seen him since!

Stopped doing it then.

Oh, did I mention the data that I recovered was his business account, VAT, wages etc. for the last 18 months!! Just a pair of ear defenders would have been nice but in their absence I've learned to say "NO!"

get an invoice book!

  Jester2K II 13:38 26 Jun 2003

Gets me free stuff down the local shops whenever i fix something...

besides you love it really or you wouldnt be here

sometimes annoying, other times grateful....

I've set up two PC in the last 18 months for friends of friends of relatives.

Getting the PC up and running hasn't been a problem. It's the training that the people then expect you to give them afterwards that is the real pain.

I spent over 30 hours showing somebody how to do just about everything; including switching the PC on and off, connecting to the internet, downloading a firewall and anti-virus program, then showing them how to use Word and all the other programs that came free with the PC.

And if the slightest thing goes wrong, they expect you to sort it out for them. Aaaarrrgghhh.

Never again !!!!!

My wife has threatened to leave me if I do it again. I guess there is an up-side to everything. :)

  Danoh 13:54 26 Jun 2003

"My name is Danoh and I'm an IT worker"... there, I feel so much better now. Whens the next meeting of IT Anonymous?

  -pops- 13:54 26 Jun 2003

Fifty quid an hour - more if you know them. Don't make any guarantees that you can fix the problem.


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