How many of you leave the mains power swithced on?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:30 02 May 2004

at the socket on the wall to the Comptuer when your not using it ?.

Should you really switch the power of to a computer when not in use OR is it safe to leave power on to the PSU of a computer. ?

  hugh-265156 01:50 02 May 2004

apart from the very small risk of fire etc:

computers are designed to run 24/7 and most people will tell you that switching on the computer from cold puts the hardware under stress as as it heats up and cools down every time you do this(restarts not counted)

my computer is switched on and off once a day. i just switch it on when needed and shut down and switch off and unplug last thing at night...usually.sometimes its left running.

i set my monitor to go into standby after half an hour of inactivity and the hard drive to spin down after two hours of not being used.

use a surge protector(cheap) to keep your equipment safe from damage.

fit a smoke alarm.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:52 02 May 2004

I use a computer that has been switched on for 2 years.


  Djohn 01:56 02 May 2004

I do pretty much the same as huggyg71. Switch on first thing in the morning and off before I go to bed. This can be anything from 15-18 hours each time. If I'm going to bed very late or should I say early in the morning and know that I will be back up and using the PC within 3-5 hours, then I will leave on but turn of the monitor.

  end 02:27 02 May 2004

our ones at work are left on 24/7, but mine at home is switched off every time; cant afford the cost of the electricity to keep it running all that time , plus "safety" issue of fire hazards work environment is such that people will be needing almost constant access, so we leave them on......but u have to have your own codes to log in....

  anniecat 05:09 02 May 2004

This insomniac never switches off except when it crashes or we have a power cut... almost 3 years solid my HP brios has been chugging away.. shouldn't tempt providence really it will probably blow up now I've said

  furkin 07:57 02 May 2004

just an Insignificant comment on my set up,,, I have fixed a 6 socket extension lead under my desk,,, with everything plugged into it.
My use is SOHO & usually gets turned on in the morning & off at night.
When I switch off, I use the extension lead switch, then I know that 'everything' is switched off at the same time, inc printers / scanners / monitors etc.
I have to turn my ACER off, cos the case fan makes so much noise, & without advice, I don't want to disable it !

  ensonricky 08:12 02 May 2004

The question from Yettie was do people switch off at the socket, not do they shutdowndown their PC.
I never swith off at the socket although some friends do when they go away on holiday for instance.

  Stuartli 08:41 02 May 2004

I've never switched the mains supply off to my surge plug adapter outlet or connected surge protected extension board even when I'm on holiday - and this has applied for many years.

The same applies to a TV signal booster which has been switched on permanently (rare power cuts aside) in my living room (to feed a front room TV) for at least 25 years.

The cost of the electricity used while on standby is miniscule.

But if you do feel the need to switch off at the mains, ensure that the plug is not removed as the system remains earthed.

  Gongoozler 09:26 02 May 2004

I appear to be one of the few who do switch off. All my computer kit is run from a surge protected block. I've fitted a power switch under the desktop where the computer lives. When I've finished with the computer, I power down and then switch off the power to the surge protected block. It makes little difference to the life of the kit unless the switch-off switch-on is done many times a day, but I feel more at ease knowing that there is no power to the computer overnight or when I'm out of the house. It makes little rational sense really, we all leave the tv, video recorder etc in standby mode 24/7.

  €dstowe 10:13 02 May 2004

My insurers insisted that all my studio machines are switched off when nobody is in the building. The office block has now acquired a 24/7 caretaker/watchman presence but they still insist on someone being in our studio block whenever the machines are on.

Whether they are right in this, I don't know.


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