How many windows can you open in Internet Explorer

  CurlyWhirly 22:55 20 Sep 2004

I have been to a website and there was so much information to look at (namely click here) and so to make navigation easier I selected the IE option of 'Open in new window' and I ended up having 7 windows active!
Does anyone know the maximum number that you can open in IE?
Is it (say) 10 or is it unlimited?
Just curious!

  stalion 22:57 20 Sep 2004

don't know but I have had twenty open many times

  CurlyWhirly 22:59 20 Sep 2004

Thanks mate.
So having only 7 open is nowhere near the limit then?

  VoG II 23:04 20 Sep 2004

I have not got a clue but I have had way, way more than 7 and I would guess that it is a magic number like 255 (2^8-1).

  Quiller. 23:06 20 Sep 2004

Well theres 24 for you M8. This is in advant browser.
click here

Sorry 25 with zippy. lol

  CurlyWhirly 23:07 20 Sep 2004

Thanks. 255 - Gosh as high as that?
Crikey it would take an age to scroll up and down the list!

  PSF 23:08 20 Sep 2004

Not sure on the limit, I use Avant browser which is based on IE. I just opened one of my folders which has over 100 favourites in. They all opened!!!

I think it probably depends on how much ram you have. My usage went up to 600mb with all those windows open. normally it is around 250mb.

  Quiller. 23:09 20 Sep 2004

[img]click here[/img]
[img]click here[/img]

Or even better than a blank page. :-(

  CurlyWhirly 23:13 20 Sep 2004

Sorry but I couldn't get ANY off your links to work.
It just said 'done' but nothing to look at but a blank screen - not to worry!

  CurlyWhirly 23:15 20 Sep 2004

As you have said that you had over 100 windows open at the same time I have come to the conclusion that IE has plenty of space free for my future browsing habits.
Thanks CW

  Quiller. 23:18 20 Sep 2004

Sorry CurlyWhirly but zippy images has been playing up the last few days. Some times I have to use all 4 url's to get a piccy.

click here
click here
click here[/img
click here

You never know, one of these MAY work. lol

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